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Puddle out today on Xbox Live, PSN on Tuesday

Aching for a physics-based puzzle game? Konami has a treat for you. They have released Puddle, a winner in the 2010 GDC Indie Games Festival, on Xbox Live Arcade. You can grab it for 800 Microsoft points.

The project was initially a project from six students from ENJMIN, a French game development school. It was eventually picked up by Neko Entertainment and was developed further. The game highlights the various basics of physics – momentum, friction, etc. You’ll need to work your way through fires, rifts, spells, and more without evaporating away.

Puddle is expected to be released on PlayStation Network on January 31 for $9.99.

N+ Coming to Europe

European’s have long mourned the fact that they were not subject to the awesomeness of N+, but that time has come to an end as Atari will bring the antics of the beloved flash ninja to the region for the PSP and DS in March and April 2009, respectively.

N+ is an equal parts platformer and action game, offering fluid animation, fast action, acrobatics and instant playability. The portable game features pick-up-and-play style that has enamored gamers in the rest of the world.

The PSP and DS versions feature cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes and level sharing. They also have a built-in level editor, letting you and your friends share your weird maps; it also carries support for downloadable content.

Sony Responds to LittleBigPlanet Moderation Outcry

Following user outcry over the moderation of user-made levels in LittleBigPlanet, Sony today responded by issuing a list of suggestions for creators to follow while it and developer Media Molecule improve moderation policies.

Authors are requested to make sure that the content created is suitable for all ages as everybody has access to the level once it’s published. Other people’s copyrights are also requested to be respected; authors are urged not to use images, brands or logos they are not entitled to use. Finally, users are asked to report inappropriate levels; hoax reports are highly discouraged.

The unofficial Sony blog Three Speech notes that over 84,000 levels have been uploaded to the game, from where less than 0.5% levels have required active moderation.

LittleBigPlanet Writer Known

Recently released LittleBigPlanet includes an introduction and tutorial voiced by the famous Stephen Fry, who was powered by a script from writer Dean Wilkinson, giving it a mix of humor and personality along with the trademark Fry style.

Wilkinson also worked on the in-game text, renamed characters and extended their personalities and interaction, noted Sidelines, the agency for creative writers looking to break into games.

Fading Shadows Announced

fadingshadowspackshot.jpgBringing puzzle-platforming to the PSP is European developer Ivolgamus, who is currently developing Fading Shadows for the aforementioned handheld device. Exclusive to the PSP, the game will feature action-based puzzle gameplay, with a “riveting and immersive” storyline, wireless multiplayer modes and more.

Fading Shadows sees the player faced with the challenge of saving Erwyn, whose death, according to the millennia-old prophecy, will allow evil master Gardal to breach the gates of the Castle of Heaven, the supreme fortress built to protect the world from the forces of darkness. Erywn’s soul has been enclosed in a protective orb by his clairvoyant sister, Aira, and the orb must now be transported to the Castle of Heaven, using a magical beam of light.

The player is charged with using the beam of light and exploit its state-changing abilities to complete the challenges set out in the 40 single-player levels or 10 multiplayer levels. Environments include swamps, mountains, castles and deserted cities. The game is due out in February 2008.

George of the Jungle Announced

The Jay Ward classic is hitting consoles everywhere – Ignition Entertainment has announced George of the Jungle for PS2, Wii and DS. It will be a side-scrolling platformer, having players jumping, running, climbing and fighting through obstacles whilst collecting bonus items along the way.

The game will feature the whole gang from the series – Ape, Ursula, Magnolia, the Witch Doctor, just to name a few – and is based on the upcoming animated series due to air on Nickelodeon in Autumn. Finally, the game is scheduled to hit stores during Q1 2008.

Chronos Twins in Autumn

UK based publisher Oxygen Games has announced the early autumn release of Chronos Twins for DS. A nostalgic retro platformer, the game sees the player stepping into the shoes of Nec, as he battles to save his world and also avenge the death of his brother.

To successfully complete levels, players must initially use both screens simultaneously as s/he plays across two temporal dimensions (past and present) in a bid to meet (and defeat) the nameless entity head-on when it first appears on Nec’s homeworld. Manoeuvring through side-scrolling areas, the aim is to control both the present-time hero whilst exploring the planet’s past in order to conquer the alien threats.

Chronos Twins has been designed with a gradual learning curve, which enables the player to ease into the game. Once the player has progressed through a number of stages, the game becomes increasingly challenging, when both screens merge into one.

PikoNinja Released

shot_7.jpgSisvia today announced PikoNinja – The Last Ninja, a family-friendly game that has players defeating the evil minions of MaskiNinja to recover 4 sacred fruits in order to restore the health of Master Ke-Bran-Tao. Here’s the deal:

In PikoNinja you must control Piko through levels full of platform ninja action. Naturally, Piko is a ninja with plenty of superpowers and all the germane attacks. Besides, Piko is “widely” one of the best ninjas of his clan because… eh… eh… well, let’s say that Piko has gained a bit of weight lately, and always arrives the last in all his ninja tests (The Last Ninja). Piko can stomp his enemies, use several ninja arms (shurikens, bombs and bubbles), and even invoke the Clan’s dragon! In order to achieve his mission, you have to lead Piko through more than 25 levels with plenty of colorful ninja action, and defeat MaskiNinja and his 4 EvilBeasts, who are guarding the fruits. Do you have the ninja skills required for controlling Piko?

The game features 25+ levels and characters, various weapons and more. There’s a demo for the game that includes some levels as well as a tutorial stage.