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Quake 4 amBX-ized

Philips had announced that it had unveiled an amBX-enabled multiplayer demo of Quake 4 at QuakeCon that has run from August 2-4.

Shorthand for ‘ambient experiences’, amBX revolutionises the gameplay experience by extending the gaming world out of the screen and into the real world. amBX delivers a full ‘sensory surround experience’ by equipping game developers with a tool box to use light, colour, sound and even air flow through enabled devices, including the Philips amBX PC Gaming Peripherals range of LED colour-controlled lighting capable of representing 16 million different colours, rumble peripherals and variable speed desktop fans.

The Philips amBX team has crafted a mod for QUAKE 4 which, when played with amBX peripherals, will see fans, lights and rumble effects, including 360 degree environmental lighting, form an integral part of the gameplay. Players running and jumping in the game will actually feel the air move around them and the effect of landing and impacts. Weapons will generate custom effects, including surrounding light, rumble shudder and fan blast effects from the rocket launcher. On a more subtle level, rear view lighting is darkened when players use a weapon scope mode, to draw players into the sniper frame of mind. On the receiving end, damage feedback is displayed through a multi directional red light blood splatter and bullet impact vibration. Finally, power and pick ups are represented through different light effects, including a light blue aura for Quad Damage, pulsing red for Regeneration, a fast yellow pulse for Haste, green light for Health and blue light for Mega Health.

“Multiplayer gaming doesn’t come any bigger than QUAKE and QuakeCon is our chance to show the world just how awesome FPS multiplayer gaming can really be with amBX,” commented Jo Cooke, Chief Marketing Officer, Philips amBX. “Fragging will reach a whole new dimension with light, wind and rumble effects taking in-your-face explosions right out of the gaming screen and into the hall at QuakeCon.”

The amBX platform has gained quite a few supporters lately, including big names such as Gearbox, THQ and Codemasters.

Six New Developers Join amBX Bandwagon

Philips has announced that it has signed six new developer license agreements to its amBX platform. The signed developers are Gearbox Software, Zombie, Riot Games, Brain in a Jar, Invictus Games and Instinct Technology.

Gearbox Software is the highly successful developer of the Brothers in Arms franchise and is one of the largest independent developers in the world. Invictus Games is Hungary-based, Riot Games is based in LA and Zombie is from Seattle, all of whom will be using the technology to power their games’ player experience. Ireland-based Instinct Technology will use amBX as part of future middleware solutions to the game development industry.

amBX is a gameplay technology aimed at offering full “sensory surround experience” through light, color, sound and even air flow devices, which include Philips’ own peripherals range of LED color-controlled lighting, rumble peripherals and desktop fans.

Supreme Commander amBX-enabled

Philips amBX PCPhilipsamBX technology is gaining ground: the company announced that it has signed a deal with Gas Powered Games to amBX-enable Supreme Commander, their highly anticipated strategy title. Set for release early next year, the game will feature support for the environmental technology, delivering “amazing light, wind, explosion and rumble effects across the huge gameplay landscape and vast array of vehicles, vessels and aircraft.”

“I ‘got’ amBX the moment I saw it – I really liked the way it added to the visual experience,” commented Chris Taylor, Gas Powered Games. “I also liked feeling the wind in my face, it made the whole game experience more real. I think there is a lot of potential to have the experience ‘underscored’, so to speak, by having the high points (or low points) in the game accompanied by the various amBX effects.”

Other publishers have also jumped on the amBX bandwagon, including Codemasters, THQ, Kuju, Introversion, Revolution and many others. For more information on the technology, refer to its website.


PhilipsamBX technology has got another user: Introversion Software‘s DEFCON. An ambient intelligence technology, amBX is said to deliver a “full sensory surround experience” by creating hardware that can control light, color, sound and even air flow of the player’s surroundings. And Introversion is highly excited about it:

‘In all honesty we were initially a bit skeptical about amBX – a lot of peripherals have been released on the PC that have added very little to the experience’ remarked Mark Morris, Managing Director of Introversion, ‘but we recently visited the AmBX team in person and sat in their demo room, and the stuff they showed us just blew us away. The potential for this technology is enormous; we have only begun to scratch the surface, and there is undoubtedly a lot of exciting further experimentation we can do to maximize the gaming experience.’

Combining DEFCON with amBX brings the whole messy scenario of nuclear war direct to the player’s bedroom. Flashes of blinding white light and gentle rumbles indicate when your missiles have hit home. Whilst a spine-chilling rush of air announces the raining down of fallout on millions of innocents. Meanwhile the dread of realization approaches as the lights fade, the music slows, and your population withers. DEFCON amBX is a harrowing experience that will ensure you’re never so blasé about thermonuclear global war again.

‘amBX and DEFCON are ideally suited to each other’, commented Chris Delay, Lead Developer at Introversion, ‘With our third game DEFCON we spent a huge amount of time trying to create the atmosphere of being buried deep within an underground bunker, slowly ending the world in the last war that will ever be fought. amBX is ideally suited to enhancing that atmosphere, taking it out of the confines of what’s right in front of you on-screen, and expanding it into your whole room.’

Introversion Software plans on amBX-ing Darwinia and Uplink, their previous titles.

Revolution, Sumo on amBX Bandwagon

Word comes from Philips that Revolution Software and Sumo Digital have signed on to develop their games to take advantage of the company’s amBX technology. Here’s a bit on the new technology:

Due for release in May 2006, amBX technology will offer a full ‘sensory surround experience’ to computer and video gamers by empowering developers with the ability to use light, colour, sound, heat and even airflow in the real world during gameplay – creating an Ambient Intelligent environment in the process.

Blending a scripting language, software engine and architecture, amBX has been designed to deliver all-new player experiences through enabled devices such as LED colour-controlled lights, active furniture, fans, heaters, audio and video, all placed strategically around a player’s room. amBX goes even further to provide the support framework for peripheral manufacturers to develop these enabled products, empowering both developers and publishers to amBX-enable and enhance their games.

Devices and peripherals supporting amBX technology will be officially launched this May.