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GC Developers Conference Speakers Lineup Announced

The fifth annual GC Developers Conference was announced today, along with a full speaker list. One of Europe’s most important platform for developers, the three-day conference will feature speakers from more than 35 countries around the world. This year’s speakers include Peter Molyneaux, Mark Rein, John Smedley and many others all of whom are listed below:

  • Julian Eggebrecht (USA)
  • Peter Molyneux (UK)
  • Michael Capps, Epic Games (USA)
  • Mark Rein, Epic Games (USA)
  • Mark Morris, Introversion Software (UK)
  • Ken Ralston, Big Huge Games (USA)
  • Cathy Campos, Panache (UK)
  • Doug Whatley, Break Away (USA)
  • Michael Lewis, Cryptic Studios (USA)
  • George Bain (UK)
  • Christopher Schmitz, 10Tacle Studios (Germany)
  • Dr. Michael Wimmer, The University of Vienna (Austria
  • Alexander Fern├índez, Streamline Studios (The Netherlands)
  • Amir Taaki, Crystalspace (Finland)
  • Jeff Strain, ArenaNet (USA)
  • Vlad Ihora, Telia Sonora (Sweden)
  • Barbara Lippe, Avaloop (Austria)
  • Pamela Kato, The GamerX (USA)
  • Uwe Nikl, Level 3 (UK)
  • Matt Firor, Ultra Mega Games (USA)
  • Konstantin Ewald, Osborne Clark (Germany)
  • John Smedley, Sony Online Entertainment (USA)
  • Cindy Armstrong, Webzen (USA)
  • Jennifer MacLean, Comcast Interactive Media (USA)
  • Chris Mottes, Deadline Games (Denmark)
  • Jeff Hickman, EA Mythic (USA)
  • Jeffrey Steefel, Turbine, Inc. (USA)
  • Don Daglow, Stormfront Studios (USA)
  • Jason Manley, Massive Black (USA)
  • Patric Palm, Hansoft (Sweden)

Additional speakers and lectures will be announced in the weeks running up to the conference, which will take place on August 20-22.

Havok Completes Fable 2

Remember Fable 2? You know, the game which will offer “unconditional love”? Yea, the one by the Black & White dude – Peter Molyneaux. Well, the game’s physics will be handled by Havok, as the company announced that Lionhead Studios has licensed Havok Complete, the company’s physics and animation solution, for use in the far-off game.

“Using Havok’s technology means that we don’t have to worry about finding an efficient way to do all the complex physics calculations ourselves that are required to create a huge, vibrant, real time and persistent virtual world such as the one we’re creating for Fable 2,” said Molyneaux. “By using Havok, we bypass a lot of the heavy physics maths and concentrate our teams more on the creative and innovative elements of the game.”

No release date for Fable 2 is known yet, but the game is not expected until late 2008.