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Rockstar Doesn't Like Parody

I was always under the impression that the people at Rockstar were ones to embrace parody, as their games have always had bits of satire and parodies of products thrown in. Apparently, they don’t like it when someone parodies them. The upcoming Simpsons game makes fun of Grand Theft Auto and, as it turns out, people at Rockstar weren’t happy.

“I was always under the impression that when you do parody, it’s a sign of respect… If we make fun of Grand Theft Auto, we’re not going to hurt the sales of Grand Theft Auto… But yeah, we’ve definitely had some reactions – we’ve had to pull stuff from the game”, revealed Greg Rizzer, lead designer of The Simpsons.

However, not all companies are like that, and it appears the dudes (and dudettes) at Harmonix are cool. “I don’t know if you’ve seen Sitar Hero? We did Apu playing this 60-button controller and songs like Pour Some Curry On Me – we made this wonderful parody poster and the guys from Harmonix loved it and we sent them 20 copies of the poster. They just loved it so much.”

People Shooter Released

Sending out the best parody announcement that I’ve ever read, XZIST Games announced People Shooter, a game where you shoot people committing suicide and learn “good Christian morals.” The game is described as offering a “disturbing mix of mindlessness and violence” and features “vast quantities of blood”, “quirky music”, “even quirkier sound effects” and “substandard 3D graphics.” It is also described as a “great anger release after a stressful day.”

The game is free to play, but expires after 6 launches. A registration key can be purchased for those wishing to endure the game.

Get a First Life


Tired of your Second Life? Want to see what all the hype about First life is? Well, you’re already in it, bub, and it ain’t getting better than this. A perfectly made parody site of the highly popular MMOG Second Life has made its mark on the web, and it’s damn awesome. Just to show how awesome it is, I’m going to quote a bit from its Teen First Life:

“I like totally tried to get into First Life and those dudes were like, sorry man, you’re totally not old enough. I was like, WTF! Then I found out about Teen FL, and everything’s cool now.” –Aaron, 15

America’s teens, your First Life dream world awaits. Hang out at the mall! Embarass yourself in gym class! Get acne! Experiment with mind-altering recreational drugs! The First Life world is your oyster.

To check out what the fuss is all about, get a First Life.

College Saga – World's Finest Final Fantasy Parody

There have been thousands of Final Fantasy parodies, but none as funny as Mark Leung’s College Saga. Up on Youtube, this epic 40 minute saga chronicles the hero’s efforts against vegetarians threatening to take over the world. Features repetitive NPCs, silly obstacles, turn-based combat and item acquiring, this is comedy at its finest. Below is episode one:

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Mortal Kombat Fighters Press Start

Daniel and Carlos Pesina in Press Start publicity photoIf you’ve been keeping tabs on Press Start, an upcoming movie that parodies classic games, you’ll be delighted to know that Daniel and Carlos Pesina, the Pesina brothers, have joined the cast of the comedy feature film. The brothers, known mostly as Johnny Cage and Raiden from the Mortal Kombat series, will be spoofing the type of roles that have made them famous.

Daniel Pesina is best known for his motion-capture work as Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile from the venerable fighting series. He has also worked in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies and The Book of Swords. His brother, Carlos Pesina, also works at Midway as a motion capture artist and animator, and is best known for his performance as Raiden.

“It’s a thrill to have Daniel and Carlos onboard,” beams director Ed Glaser. “Not only are they skilled and professional, not only are they living videogame icons, but they have a terrific sense of humor about what they do. I think videogame fans are going to love seeing them in these roles. Viewers who realize that they’re watching the Real Deal will find that extra level of humor that makes their scenes just a bit funnier.”

Press Start is the story of a suburban youth in a videogame world that is recruited by an “ill-tempered” ninja and a “tough-as-nails” space soldier to save the world from a “tyrannical, but comically insecure,” sorcerer. The movie is scheduled for release sometime this year, and more information can be found on its website.