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Special Metal Gear Portable Ops PSP Packaging

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops - PSP PackagingWho wouldn’t want to have a camo-skinned PSP? Kotaku reports on limited-edition PSP packaging by Konami, promoting the upcoming portable Metal Gear Solid game – Portable Ops. There are two editions containing a Portable Ops UMD, camo PSP, three special pins and a special PSP carrying case with matching strap. This package can be picked up for 29,190 yen ($250 approx.) starting December 21.

The one pictured right is the “special” special edition, and will be available by mail order only. It will include all of the above, including a genuine snakeskin PSP case and strap and, as Kotaku puts it, “even fancier packaging.” Fans will be able to get their hands on it for 39,690 yen ($340 approx.); it will also be available from next month.

PC Games Get New Look

With Microsoft trying to redefine PC gaming with the upcoming Windows Vista OS, IEMA has unveiled its first major redesign of the organization’s now-standard PC icon and packaging. All PC games released from now on will come in standard DVD casing similar to console titles, and will feature a more prominent and smarter PC icon. IEMA has played out this move to make PC games more consistent with similar console titles.

The first game to be released in the new packaging will be EA’s Madden NFL 07 (pictured right). Detailed information on the packaging change, along with the various new PC icons, can be found in this PDF file.