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Wasteland 2 is not exclusive to Origin

Brian Fargo may be smitten on Origin’s support for crowd-funded games, but that doesn’t mean Wasteland 2 will be exclusive to the service. He took to Twitter to crush the pesky rumors by stating that the game will indeed be coming to other digital stores.

Origin waives distribution fees for Kickstarter games, gains support from Fargo and Jensen

ea-origin-logo-01Riding the Kickstarter wave, EA announced that it is going to waiver distribution fees for crowd-funded games for 90 days on Origin after they launch. This only applies to “fully funded, complete and ready-to-publish games.” It has already got InXile’s Brian Fargo and Pinkerton Road’s Jane Jensen onboard.

Not only does it gain a lot of credibility with the indie crowd, this move may give EA Origin the push it needs to succeed against Steam. Origin SVP David DeMartini noted that the company hopes to give players the chance to check out even more crowd-funded games through this move.

Dracula: Origin Details, Screenshots

Frogwares Studio has revealed new details behind Dracula: Origin, an upcoming adventure game. Here’s the scoop:

Young, charming and devout, but emotionally broken since the suicide of his wife, Count Dracula has been transformed into a monster, with an insatiable thirst for blood and vengeance, cursed to eternal damnation.

In the game, you play the role of Professor Van Helsing, the celebrated vampire hunter, on the hunt for Dracula, while Dracula himself is on a quest for a mysterious manuscript which will give him the power to raise the dead.

Your goal is to prevent Dracula from finding and using this manuscript, but also to kill him, in order to liberate the souls of all those who have had the misfortune to cross his path.

Using conventional point & click gameplay, Dracula: Origin is a superb adventure supported by impeccable graphics and a rich storyline, which takes you to London, Egypt, Austria, and of course, to Transylvania, in the famous castle of the great vampire. With a subtle combination of 2D environments and animated 3D characters, the game faithfully reproduces the world imagined by the celebrated author Bram Stoker, with all its associated motifs (horror, love, blood, crucifixes, stakes, garlic, etc.), in a disturbing, finely-realized and absorbing Gothic atmosphere.

They also released three screenshots from the game, showing off various environments: