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The Forest looks good, creepy, and scary

Plane crash. Jungle. Find shelter. Forage food. Survive mutants.

If that sounds enticing, then The Forest is right up your alley. The new open-world action adventure from indie developer SKS Games now has a shiny new trailer showing (naked?) mutant cannibals and some open-world gameplay. It is also now live on Steam Greenlight, and I don’t think it’s going to have too much trouble going through to Steam.

The game will take a simulation approach to gameplay. It’ll have a day-night cycle, weather, plants that grow and die, and more. You can roam around the island during day and huddle by the fire at night and survive aforementioned cannibals. You can also build and fortify camps and make weapons to kick some mutant ass.

It’s being made for PC and will support Oculus Rift when released. Check out the trailer below.

Behead yourself with this cool Oculus Rift experiment

Oculus Rift technology is quite amazing, and it’s only going to get better in the future. It’s currently the best way to immerse a player into a game, which is something that’s been taken to a new level by an experiment.

Disunion is a guillotine simulator that was created over two days as part of the Exile Game Jam. As you can see in the video below, players kneel down with their head over a block and are “beheaded” with spectators watching.

It’s a very cool use of Oculus Rift technology, giving gamers an idea of just what can be done with it. Check out the Exile Game Jam website for more information.