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Alpha Protocol Delayed, New “Your Weapon is Choice” Trailer Released

Seeing as how the game missed its February release, Sega sent out word that Alpha Protocol will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this October.

Developed by Obsidian, the action-RPG will have players step into the shoes of a modern day spy… doing spy stuff. A new trailer has been released, showing off the mix of RPG with third-person action.

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Rumor: Aliens RPG, Colonial Marines Cancelled

Kotaku reports that Sega has cancelled the Aliens role-playing game that was being worked on at Obsidian; it was announced back in 2006, but little has surfaced since. The site’s sources say that the cancellation has resulted in more than 20 employees being laid off. Similarly, Sega is also said to be “reviewing” Aliens: Colonial Marines, a shooter in the works at Gearbox, leaving its fate unclear.

Seemingly confirming Kotaku’s sources, Joystiq’s sources claim Sega has stopped funding both of the aforementioned games. Obsidian’s layoffs are also said to have affected the team working on Alpha Protocol, which is still expected out later this year.

All this comes days after Sega announced Aliens vs. Predator. It is set for release sometime next year.

Obsidian on KOTOR3

TVG carries comments from Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart on the possibility of seeing Star Wars: KOTOR 3. These are his exact words: “We have been talking with LucasArts to do KOTOR3 since August 2004 and we hoped to do it since KOTOR2 was done. LucasArts is thinking what they want to do with it and we would happily make KOTOR3, if that’s what LucasArts wants to do.”

Let’s hope LucasArts does the right thing and let them make another one.

Sega and Obsidian to Make Next-gen RPG

Sega and Obsidian Entertainment have announced that they have formed a partnership that will see the companies collaboratively develop an original RPG for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Obsidian is well known for the hugely popular KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords and NeverWinter Nights RPGs.

This deal marks Sega’s drive to produce high-quality Western content for both current and next-gen consoles. Previous such partnerships include deals with Secret Level, Silicon Knights, Bizarre Creations, Monolith (Condemned) and Pseudo Interactive (Full Auto).