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Jumpgate Evolution Beta Signups Exceed Expectation

Beta signups for upcoming elite space combat MMO Jumpgate Evolution has been going well for Codemasters and NetDevil, who jointly announced that over 150,000 testers have signed up for the game. If you are interested, signups are still open.

The full game is set to go live sometime in 2009, with a closed beta due to go live soon.

LEGO Racers to Race on the Web

NetDevil has announced the launch of a web games division and plans for its first release – LEGO Racers, a browser game set for release early next year. Based off the racers franchise of toy products and following the same storyline, LEGO Racers will let players own up to five cars from ten teams with different attributes and compete against other players. Players will also be able to modify and upgrade their cars, as well as watch the race live or activate their challenge meter, boosting the chance of winning. There will also be an offline mode and leader boards.

“NetDevil has proven a valuable partner that truly understands what the LEGO play experience is all about,” said Kelly J. McKiernan, Internet Content Manager on LEGO Racers. “The company’s high-quality work on the LEGO Universe MMO made them an easy choice for LEGO Racers, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them to give fans of LEGO a whole new way to interact with some of our most popular franchises.”

The company is also working on other titles, though no details were disclosed.

AGEIA at GC; Mobile PhysX Card Announced

Hardware-accelerated physics is coming soon to laptops. AGEIA Technologies has announced the world’s first PhysX Mobile processor, the AGEIA PhysX 100M, for high-performance gaming notebook PCs. The physics processor will consume low power and thermal design with power dissipation of nearly 10W under gameplay conditions. It also includes active power management to throttle down the clock in high heat system conditions and reduce the clock when not active. Interestingly, the performance will be same to that of its desktop counterpart.

The 100M processor is available now and is expected to be included in new notebook models hitting the market soon. It is being showcased at the company’s GC booth.

AGEIA also sent word that it will showcase Warmonger, a new FPS from NetDevil, at its booth. The game, powered by Unreal Engine 3, features support for the PhysX processor and includes fully destructible environments and more. The company will also be showing off Unreal Tournament 3‘s physics support.