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Mythos Expands

Brand new content and a new zone for Flagship Studio’s upcoming free MMORPG Mythos have been announced today. The expansion to the closed beta program will see the introduction of a new zone, Bloodbristle Heath, and the outpost town of Tulin’s Hope. They will roughly double the size of Mythos’ universe and will also add new levels, monsters, quests, items and skills. Gamers are invited to apply for the closed beta here.

The game is in development at Flagship Seattle, a subsidiary of Flagship Studios, which has just completed Hellgate: London. Mythos offers players three races – human, satyr, or gremlins – to play out in a fantasy world. The game, once released, will be free to download and play.

Flagship Seattle Forms; Mythos Announced

The studio behind the upcoming action-RPG Hellgate: London has expanded itself with the formation of a new development studio: Flagship Seattle. With that they also announced the studio’s first game: Mythos, an online RPG that will be used to test the networking technology behind the multiplayer component of Hellgate: London. Mythos will be digitally distributed globally sometime next year.

Flagship Seattle is being led by Travis Baldree, who previously worked at Wild Tangent as the Lead Designer on the popular free-to-play game Fate. Other members of the studio have worked on a range of titles including Dungeon Siege, Total Annihilation and SWAT 3.