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Transformers “The Touch” Song Coming to Guitar Hero

Nerds rejoice! Stan Bush’s ballad “The Touch” from the 1986 animated film Transformers: The Movie will soon be available as a free download for Guitar Hero World Tour, according to a letter from the artist.

It wasn’t mentioned when the track would hit, though.

Ghostbusters Tune in Rock Band

Speaking to Eurogamer, Ray Parker Jr. revealed that he is currently working on getting the original Ghostbusters theme into Rock Band’s library of playable music.

“We were just talking about that, we’re working on it now,” he said. “I think they should have Ghostbusters in Rock Band.”

It would be awesome to play the Ghostbusters tune with a bunch of friends over.

Rock Band Gets Funky

Seeing as how it’s the end of the week, Harmonix, staying true to their tradition, has revealed the next batch of downloadable content for its multi-instrument music games Rock Band and Rock Band 2.

Due out on March 17 and 19 on Xbox 360 and PS3, respectively, is the “Get the Funk Out” track pack that offers three pieces of funk music: Average White Band – "Pick Up the Pieces", Earth Wind & Fire – "Shining Star" and James Brown – "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine – Pt 1".

They will also release the following songs individually: Against Me! – "Thrash Unreal", The New Pornographers – "All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth" and “Use It”, Papa Roach – "Last Resort" and “Lifeline”.

The track pack will cost 440 Microsoft points ($5.50) and individual tracks 160 points ($2).

Beatles Rock Band to Feature Never-before Released Material

According to Dhani Harrison, son of The Beatles band member George Harrison, the upcoming Beatles-themed Rock Band game will feature never-before released material from the legendary band. Harrison revealed this in a recent Billboard interview.

"I took the project to Apple and sort of convinced everybody to have a presentation," he said. "We’ve been working on it for the past two years. This is the first one that is going to be totally, historically accurate. It’s been a real headache, but it’s been the most enjoyable work I’ve done in my life."

The Beatles: Rock Band is set for release on September 9 on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Sing Hero Trademarked

Activision, which publishes the popular Guitar Hero series, has filed a trademark for Sing Hero prompting speculation that the company might be preparing a dedicated karaoke game.

This falls in line with Activision’s plans to create “all new differentiated Guitar Hero products” in the second half of 2009. They have also promised a “major re-stage” of the franchise, which added mics and drums in its latest iteration.

It can also be noted that Activision plans to triple the amount of Guitar Hero releases by next year. Three more titles are due out by the end of June, including Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero Greatest Hits and Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits.

White Zombie and Turbonegro in Rock Band

Marking the addition of awesome metal to Rock Band’s setlist, Harmonix and MTV Games today announced that three new tracks from White Zombie and Turbonegro are headed our way next week.

“More Human than Human” and “Black Sunshine” from White Zombie will be released. This is Rob Zombie’s band before he went solo. In addition, “Wasted Again” from Norwegian punk band Turbonegro will be available too.

To be available starting Tuesday on Xbox Live and Thursday on PlayStation Store, the songs will cost $1.99 (160 Microsoft points) per track.

Lemmy in Guitar Hero Metallica

Activision sends word that legendary lead vocalist and bassist for Motorhead, Lemmy, will be featured as a playable character in Guitar Hero: Metallica this spring.

His in-game likeness will rock and shred his way to the stage alongside Metallica or by himself. The band’s song “Ace of Spades” is featured in the game as a playable track.

The game is due out next month on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PS2.

Viacom: Rock Band 2 Sales Weaker than Expected

Harmonix’s Rock Band franchise saw big sales since its release, and Rock Band 2 sales were solid with 2 million units sold since the game’s September 2008 launch, but that wasn’t enough for Viacom, as the company admitted that the sales were weaker than expected.

The media company attributed the game’s underperformance to a sudden drop in retail spending in the last months of 2008, due to the deepening recession. Despite weak sales, Viacom notes that the series helped increase revenues for its Media Networks segment, which was one of very few positive highlights in Viacom’s earnings call.

The conglomerate said that it plans to focus more on the franchise this year. While there won’t be a numbered sequel, they will release a game featuring music from legendary band The Beatles.

Guitar Hero Metallica Preorder Incentives

With the release of Guitar Hero Metallica on the horizon, retailers are offering pre-order incentives to those who order the PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii versions of the game.

Those who preorder from GameStop will receive an exclusive second kick pedal for free; GameCrazy customers will get a pair of official drumsticks for free; and Best Buy customers will receive free tattoo sleeves at launch.