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Crysis 2 multiplayer demo coming March 1

Crysis 2 screenshot

If you haven’t already played the Xbox 360 demo or the leaked beta then you finally have something to look forward to: the multiplayer PC demo for Crysis 2. Starting March 1, the demo will be available from EA and offer two maps and two modes.

Crysis 2’s multiplayer pits players in six vs. six matches on “Skyline” and “Pier 17”. The two modes are “Team Instant Action” (team deathmatch) and “Crash Site” (domination).

The full game has six gameplay modes and 12 maps. It comes out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 25.

Team Fortress 2 getting golden wrench, life-extending machine


Valve was never content with just releasing Team Fortress 2. Since the game has launched, the studio has released tons of updates and content for the game, building on its lore. Take, for example, this Engineer comic, which hints at two major updates to the Engineer class coming soon to the game.

A metal called Australium is the first addition. It has some special properties and a golden hue. The second addition will be a life-extender machine, which, as you can guess by now, extends life.

The above has been confirmed through this video, which shows the use of the Australium wrench. This teaser video also shows some other possible goodies due for the update as well.

Left 4 Dead Sells 2.5 Million

Valve’s work on Left 4 Dead has paid off, as the studio announced that the cooperative shooter has now sold over 2.5 million copies since its debut in November 2008.

This news came as part of project lead Michael Booth’s GDC presentation on the game. The figure includes both PC and Xbox 360 releases, but does not include sales from the company’s digital distribution platform Steam. The numbers would be higher of course, and it should be pointed out that a recent discount saw sales jump 3000%.

Resistance 2 DLC, Patch Incoming

Developer Insomniac has revealed that the first bit of downloadable content for Resistance 2 will be released today alongside a new patch.

The “Aftermath Map Pack” will offer three new multiplayer maps for the shooter – Aftermath, Pit Stop and Orick. There will also be six new skins for multiplayer characters, including two female models, each going for $0.99. The map pack will sell for $5.99.

Meanwhile, a free v1.50 patch will add two new multiplayer modes – Meltdown Mode and Superhuman Co-op – as well as bug fixes and the ability for a second player to log into their PSN account on the same console.

Team Fortress 2 Gets Multicore Support

A new patch for Team Fortress 2 officially adds multicore rendering support, allowing users with dual core and quad core CPUs to take better advantage of the money they spent on their computers.

It was a hidden console command at first, but even though it is now official and included in the GUI, Valve notes that it is testing the compatibility of the feature, so the option is turned off by default. You will have to manually enable the option in the game’s menu.

Other changes in the patch include crash fixes, improvements to the engine and more.

Resistance: Retribution Online Tournament Announced

Having released the game, Sony Computer Entertainment has partnered with community site Global Gaming to throw an online multiplayer tournament for Resistance: Retribution, its portable third-person shooter.

Registration has already opened and runs until May 10. There will be two ladders – 2v2 and 4v4 – offering over $25,000 in prizes for US gamers.

The tournament itself will begin on April 8, with winners declared May 31. Prizes include LCD televisions, large-size memory sticks, Sonystyle gift cards and more.

The Godfather 2 Getting Multiplayer Mode Post-release

EA sent out word that a new multiplayer mode for The Godfather 2 will be released as a free downloadable patch right after the game’s release on April 7 in North America and April 10 in Europe.

Called “Don Control”, the mode will take the strategic gameplay of the title into an online environment where players build a family, command them in battle and view the action from a bird’s eye view from above. Here’s more:

Don Control introduces an additional layer of gameplay on top of the four multiplayer modes and six maps already available in the game and invites players to compete to see who is the ultimate Don of Dons. Players can now challenge one another in 16-player battles for their in-game currency from the single-player game. As a Don online, players can recruit others to join their family by giving them a cut of the profits. But if a player loses as Don, the in-game currency they wagered will be removed in their single-player campaign and their empire can come crumbling down.

The Godfather 2 is being released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Multiplayer Coming to Noby Noby Boy

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi revealed that multiplayer is coming to his little creation, but that it will be offline only. He didn’t offer any details, but a co-operative mode is being speculated.

He, however, took time to thank players for playing his game.

"There have been many reviews/criticisms since Noby Noby Boy released," he wrote.

"I totally understand as this is such a unique game and I expected those reactions. I don’t mean to make any excuses. That being said, I do get depressed from time to time as I want users to enjoy the game as much as possible. But at the same time, this is what I wanted to create."

Snowblind DLC, Patch Heading for Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 fans wake up! More multiplayer maps and another patch for the cover-heavy action game is due out by the end of the month.

The “Snowblind Map Pack” is due out on March 31, and will deliver four winter-themed maps: Grind Yard, Under Hill, Courtyard and a remake of Fuel Depot from the first game. While no pricing was given, the last multiplayer map pack sold for 800 Microsoft points ($10).

As for the patch, it will bring a new experience-based ranking system plus a variety of fixes when it is released on March 24. Hit the jump for full details.

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Capcom Defends Charging for Resident Evil 5 Multiplayer DLC

It was surprising news earlier this week when Capcom wanted to charge additional for multiplayer offerings that usually come built-in in other games. So, it wasn’t much surprising that they were on the receiving end of a huge backlash from fans, which has caused the company to defend its decision for charging for multiplayer DLC in Resident Evil 5.

Seeing as how the DLC will be released within the next few weeks and will not add any content beyond the modes themselves, fans have argued that the pack should be free, as in the case of the free patch enabling online functionality to the existing Mercenaries mode.

"Although Versus mode makes use of the assets that exist in the game, the functionality is not currently in the game and is above and beyond the initial scope of Resident Evil 5," said Capcom. "We have never included a Versus mode in Resident Evil before, and as well as the costs of development of the feature, there’s also additional bandwidth costs associated with it."

More on it as the story develops.