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Over six million copies of Minecraft sold on PC

Writing to his fans on Twitter, Minecraft creator Notch announced that the game has sold six million copies on PC. This is a major milestone and is a victory for the indie gaming scene.

Most interesting is the fact that this figure doesn’t include Xbox 360 sales. In fact, total sales for the game is now estimated to be over 9.2 million copies, making Minecraft one of the most popular games of all time.

The game is still growing. A recent update snapshot gave players a sneak peek at NPC trading and more new features. Developer Mojang is currently working on Cobalt.

Mass Effect 3 facing Rebellion on May 29

Mass Effect 3
’s multiplayer mode is getting another expansion on May 29. Dubbed “Rebellion”, the new DLC pack adds more gear, weapons, maps, and kits to the game’s online modes. Best of all is the fact that it’s free for everyone who redeemed their online pass.

The pack includes two maps (“Firebase Jade” and “Firebase Goddess”), three new weapons, and six new characters to the multiplayer roster. BioWare and EA recently released the “Resurgence” pack that added to multiplayer gameplay.

These two packs don’t add anything for single-player adventurers. No need to worry though, as BioWare is working on the “Extended Cut” DLC that adds new single-player content and expands the ending of the game. It will be free.

Minecraft sells over a million copies on Xbox 360

Yes, over one million gamers have bought Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, proving once and for all just how popular the game truly is. This, too, only within a week of release on Xbox Live Arcade, making it one of the –if not THE – fastest selling games on the service.

That’s not all: more than 5.2 million total online hours have been spent mining, over 2.4 million multiplayer hours have been logged, and 4 million total multiplayer sessions played. Those are, without doubt, staggering figures rivaled only by the likes of Call of Duty and Halo.

Rumor: Battlefield 3 premium service launching next month

Following Activision’s lead, EA may be planning on launching a premium service for Battlefield 3 players. In fact, it may be launched as early as June 4, according to this report from Battlefieldo.

The site states that customers will get a premium knife, soldier camos, weapon camos, black dog tag, extra assignments, and more. It also claims that the game will receive a fifth expansion pack in March 2013.

The purported launch date puts it close to E3. I believe EA will use the event as a platform to begin offering this service.

EA and DICE: lack of Battlefield 3 servers due to rentals

Battlefield 3 may have proven to be too popular for its own good. Players noted recently that all of DICE’s official servers for the game appeared to be unavailable. That raised a number of questions which EA was quick to answer.

DICE runs a number of official servers that can be rented by players, and if too many players rent official servers, they can appear to be unavailable. The studio wants the best for its players, so they are going to “reserve a percentage of servers for players who prefer to connect through DICE-hosted servers” in the future.

They are hosting a double XP weekend for all ranked servers and matches today and tomorrow. While this may not be in direct response to this issue, it’s still a good gesture. And hey, free points!

Starhawk released today–MLG tournament announced, all map packs to be free

Starhawk is out today in North America exclusively on the PS3. Sony and developer Lightbox Interactive took the chance to announce a Major League Gaming tournament with $20,000 in prizes. You will find more details on MLG’s website.

They also announced that all map packs for the game will be free upon release. In fact, they noted that the first one is already in the works. The PlayStation Blog notes that there will also be paid DLC.

Finally, here’s a launch trailer. The game is due out in Europe on Friday.

First Impostors image shows both teams, cartoonish take on the Batman universe


Seems like the Batman universe is getting the Team Fortress treatment in Batman Impostors, a multiplayer shooter. Apparently, the people of Gotham have a thing for dressing up as their favorite hero (and villain) and duking it out in multi-tiered arenas.

The first screenshot from the game has surfaced. It shows both sides of the game, showcasing a wackier, cartoonish aesthetic compared to Rocksteady’s realistic approach. As the game doesn’t feature the real Batman or Joker, the characters are free to spin their own version of the character, imagining them in a satirical fashion.

Can’t wait for more details on the game to surface. Looks good!