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Guild Wars Gaming Mouse Now Available

NCSoft Europe sends word that the Guild Wars edition of the award-winning Gaming Razer DeathAdder mouse is now available to buy online.

The Razer DeathAdder is the world’s first 3G infrared sensor gaming mouse that provides precision and faster game play – all encased in a beautiful, sleek and ergonomic design. Razer™ is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional gaming peripherals and has a history of unsurpassable quality in their products. They are also working alongside NCsoft Europe as their official partner for upcoming gaming events.

“We are delighted with the look and performance of the Guild Wars Razer DeathAdder Mouse,” said Véronique Lallier, Marketing Manager for NCsoft Europe. “The Razer DeathAdder is the perfect companion to our Guild Wars players’ gaming experience and the ultimate Guild Wars gaming accessory.”

The mouse is available from the PlayNC online store for £48.

Sidewinder Gaming Mouse Announced

sidewinder-mouse.jpgThe Sidewinder series of mice are back! Microsoft Hardware announced at the Leipzig Games Convention the revival of the brand, with the introduction of a new Microsoft SideWinder Mouse that will include one-touch access to Windows Vista Games Explorer, Quick Turn, the first-ever LCD on a mouse and a cable anchor that doubles as an accessories storage box.

The mouse will allow users to personalize it using an adjustable weight tray, DPI control, changeable mice feet with three materials for glide preference, and more. It will also allow gamers to record their own macros by tying a sequence of actions into one press of a button. This mouse is also the first to include a LCD on it that will display the DPI and steps for recording macros, without distracting the user within a game.

The SideWinder Gaming Mouse will be on sale in North America this October for $79.95. More details after the jump.
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X360 FPS Coming Soon

XCM XFPS 360 being usedFrom Hong Kong comes word that XCM’s XFPS 360 has successfully completed testing and will be available in stores soon. The device allows Xbox 360 gamers attach all standard PS/2 input devices, as well as USB Keyboards and mice, to the Xbox 360 to play in FPS or any other games they want to; XFPS also allows the use of traditional PlayStation 2 controllers and peripherals.

As noted, the device will ship with a default ‘WASD’ setting, but gamers will be able to freely alter key mapping via an included programming function. More information will be announced soon, including pricing details.

Gaming Mice from Microsoft

Microsoft, as part of its Leipzig presence, also announced several new products to enhance its gaming line – the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 and the Habu mouse in partnership with Razer.

Popular demand has lead to the resurrection of the IntelliMouse. In this new version, the mouse will deliver “maximum precision and superior control” as well as “ergonomic design and wide footprint” for “outstanding comfort and stability”. The mouse will offer 9,000 frames per second; a Precision Booster enabling gamers to switch between default and precision mode for enhanced control; and a Gaming Toggle letting gamers switch easily between weapons or program frequently used action sequences. The new IntelliMouse will be gnawing its way into stores this October; it will retail for £35.

The curiously named Habu is the result of Microsoft’s alliance with Razer. The new mouse will feature “cutting-edge innovation and comfort” and “best-in-class gaming accessory technology.” Habu will be habuing into stores this October for £60.