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Over six million copies of Minecraft sold on PC

Writing to his fans on Twitter, Minecraft creator Notch announced that the game has sold six million copies on PC. This is a major milestone and is a victory for the indie gaming scene.

Most interesting is the fact that this figure doesn’t include Xbox 360 sales. In fact, total sales for the game is now estimated to be over 9.2 million copies, making Minecraft one of the most popular games of all time.

The game is still growing. A recent update snapshot gave players a sneak peek at NPC trading and more new features. Developer Mojang is currently working on Cobalt.

Minecraft sells over a million copies on Xbox 360

Yes, over one million gamers have bought Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, proving once and for all just how popular the game truly is. This, too, only within a week of release on Xbox Live Arcade, making it one of the –if not THE – fastest selling games on the service.

That’s not all: more than 5.2 million total online hours have been spent mining, over 2.4 million multiplayer hours have been logged, and 4 million total multiplayer sessions played. Those are, without doubt, staggering figures rivaled only by the likes of Call of Duty and Halo.

Minecraft coming to an iOS device near you

Minecrack Minecraft, a soul-crushing, infinitely playable indie game will be released for the iOS platform later this year. This includes iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. If you have enemies that you want to clear away for the year, buy them this game.

Mojang, the studio behind this madness, founder Markus Persson noted that the iOS version will not receive the same updates as the PC version, which, quite interestingly, is still in beta. It will only receive updates that “make sense” for touch-screen devices.

No release date or price was given.