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Wii U’s copy protection apparently broken


It wasn’t too long before Wii U’s copy protection would be broken. So, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as a group of hackers are now claiming to have played pirated Wii U games from USB media.

The group is said to have broken the console’s authentication system, disk encryption, and other related stuff to be able to play pirated games. They’re calling the device an “optical drive emulator,” which it claims uses an “embedded Linux system” and doesn’t require soldering. It is said to be compatible with all current models of the console.

Nintendo has said that it’s aware of the claims made by the group. However, it said that there have been no reports of its hardware being modded to play games.

The company has previously deployed software updates and model revisions to deter piracy on Wii. It’s not clear at this moment what this means for the console’s future. If its copy protection has indeed been broken, you can expect to see torrents of Wii U games going up quite soon.

STALKER mod becomes full game, not going retail

cryzonesector23A group of Russian modders have decided to carry the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mantle by announcing that its Crysis mod, CryZone: Sector 23, will be released as a full game. It’s being powered by CryEngine 3 and is set in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe, telling the story of a man who journeys into the forbidden zone to find a Wishmaster who he believes can resurrect his son.

It was previously known as World of Stalker. The full game will include new locations, weapons, mutants, environments and more.

Owl Game Studio, the group’s formal name, mentioned no release date for the game. However, it won’t be a full commercial release since they are using the “resources and settings” from GSC Game World’s franchise. It’s going to be free to play.

Zombie mod increases ArmA 2 sales by five times

dayzlogoZombies are a recipe for success, or at least that’s what has happened to ArmA 2, which has had its sales spike to five times its norm, thanks to DayZ. It is a recently-released mod that adds zombies to the hardcore military simulation game. While it goes against the game’s ethos, developer Bohemia Interactive believes that it “creates an experience so addictive that [we] believe it can stand as a gaming experience of its own.”

The studio noted that it’s going to support the mod in the game’s next update. DayZ is still in alpha stage and was released as a tech demo/proof of concept by its maker.

ArmA 3 is already in the works. Will the mod be ported to it? The studio estimates that support for the mod could be “one year or more from now.”

You can download the mod and test it out for yourself right now. All you’ll need is a copy of ArmA 2.

Garry's Mod On Steam

The mod behind my favorite comic of all time – Concerned – is going commercial on Steam. Garry Newman and Valve have announced plans to release Garry’s MOD via Steam. As expected, Garry is quite happy, and says that the release will have quite a few new features: “It has a bunch of new tools to play with (winches, hydraulics and hoverballs), totally new spawn menu and a few new Post Processing effects to play with. The great thing about Steam is that I can update really regularly, really easily – which is something I plan on doing – so expect more tools/gamemodes/stuff to come.”

It will be available starting today; to celebrate the launch, Valve will be offering a special bundle of Garry’s MOD plus Counter-Strike: Source for $25. The mod alone will cost $9.95.

UT2004 Gets Adaptive Audio

Have one of those newfangled Creative XFi sound cards? dSonic, in conjunction with Creative, has released an Adaptive Audio MOD for Unreal Tournament 2004, taking advantage of the features present in the cutting-edge sound cards.

“With this mod players will get new weapon sounds that completely surround the player and adaptive music that reacts in real-time to the game play, putting the gamer at the heart of the action” stated dSonic co-founder Kemal Amarasingham. “The music changes depending on game events such as the intensity of the battle, how many health points you have (or don’t), making a kill, etc. It’s smart audio, and something fans will really love – no matter what the genre is, this is a feature that can enhance any game.”

dSonic is looking to implement Adaptive Audio into more games, with recent credits including Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Mage Knight: Apocalypse.

First PSP Modchip Announced

If you were looking to run pirated games homebrew on your PSP, but couldnt do so because of updated firmware can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. MaxConsole reports of Undiluted Platinum, the first modchip solution for the Sony handheld.

The UP is a flash replacement system for the console that allows the user to run custom firmware builds, as well as maintain the PSPs original firmware or a more recent one. Both firmware can be booted to, and the UP can be used to restore ‘bricked’ PSPs, a plus for users with useless units in their possession.

However, it wont be for the faint of heart: an included picture shows that the PSP has to be opened up and the chip has to be soldered in place. Even then, the article states that it will be easy to install the modchipthat will be fully open-source, letting users write their own firmware builds.

No release date was announced for the modchip, but a suggested retail price pegs the chip at a paltry $90 for those looking into activities other than the ones available through Sony firmware (and I dont mean pirating games).