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Project Copernicus video shows off game’s lush world and architecture

Following its payment to the state, 38 Studios has released a flyby video that showcases the world of Project Copernicus. It is an MMO set in Amalur’s world; it’s set to launch in June 2013.

The clip shows off some of the environments you’ll face, as well as some dramatic architecture.

Amalur MMO due out June 2013

38Logo_square_web138 Studios isn’t out for the count just yet. Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee stated in a press conference that the studio’s Amalur-based MMO, only known as “Project Copernicus”, is set to launch in June 2013.

We know nothing of the game as of yet. It is apparently a “risky enterprise,” according to Chafee, who is referring to the troubled business deal between the studio and the state.

The governor also noted that the studio intends to seek private capital to pay off its loans to the state.

Lionhead may be hiring for next-gen MMO

Lionhead_Studios_LogoThis job listing on LinkedIn states that a “major, renowned studio in the UK” is recruiting designers and programmers to work on an MMO for next-gen consoles. Superannuation believes it’s Lionhead.

The MMO is going to be based on an RPG IP that will offer a “radical new take on… co-operative and multiplayer gameplay.” It also aims to blend online and single player into one experience.

Building upon that, it further states that the game will feature a “complex progression system, multiple routes through the campaign, and an MMO-like multiplayer experience.”

If it’s Lionhead making the game, then it’s definitely coming to the next Xbox console.

5 Reasons Elder Scrolls Online is Going to Fail

The Elder Scrolls is an amazing saga of open world action role-playing that has led players across the continent of Tamriel from the first game in 1994, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, to the last mind-blowing installment in 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As an avid fan of the series in all its incarnations, my first reaction to the news that there will be an MMO sometime next year was “hell yeah!” But then I dug a bit deeper and found out why I may just have been counting the proverbial chickens before they hatched.

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Star Wars Old Republic loses users, gains update

star_wars_the_old_republic_fight1EA has announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic currently has about 1.3 million active subscribers. It’s a sizable drop from 1.7 million reported back in February.

These numbers come from the publisher’s annual financial report, which saw it boast a net annual income of $76 million. They had lost $276 million this time last year.

It should be noted that the MMO got a 1.2 update only a month ago. It added lots of new content, which is a trend BioWare hopes to continue with “Allies”, its next content update. No further details are known about this update, other than the fact that it will be available in EA’s “Q1” time frame.

Could “Allies” be EA’s answer to reduced active users?

Atari posts losses, letting go of Cryptic

Atari hasn’t been financially strong for a couple of years now, and it seems it is taking a toll on its studios as well. In its latest fiscal year earnings report, the company announced that it is looking to sell Cryptic, the studio behind the superhero MMO Champions Online.

As it stands, the company reported a net loss of $8.8 million, which is, quite honestly, an improvement over its $27.5 million loss in the previous fiscal year. Interestingly, Cryptic alone was responsible for $7.5 million in losses this year.

Cryptic is currently working on a Neverwinter MMO and “Season 4” of Star Trek Online. The studio’s future is currently uncertain.

Xbox 360 sales get big boost in Japan thanks to Monster Hunter

monsterhunterFrom the improbable-news-department comes word that Xbox 360 sales in Japan have spiked by more than 800%! This is thanks to the recent release of Monster Hunter Frontier Online, which helped push sales of the console to 17,370 units from 2,060 the previous week.

Similar boosts have occurred before. Those were attributed to the launches of Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery.

MHFO ships with 12 months of Xbox Live Gold and a code for 30 days of free online play for the game for which monthly subscriptions are priced at 1400 yen ($16).

Fallen Earth Tour Contest

As part of their ongoing national tour, developers of the self-titled apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth announced a contest where their fans will have the opportunity to choose the final tour stop. The final stop is slated for May 2 at an undetermined location and will let fans the chance to meet the dev team, demo the game and collect a surprise in-game item.

The tour consisted of previous stops in Raleigh, N.C., Baltimore, M.D. and more, including the GDC in San Francisco.

“GDC provides us with an excellent opportunity to showcase the in-game elements we have been working on since we went into closed beta,” said Lee Hammock, lead game designer for Fallen Earth. “Our testing community has been instrumental in helping us develop a more compelling game environment and we are excited to give them the opportunity to choose the last destination on our national tour.”

Fallen Earth is currently in closed beta testing and is set to launch later this year.

Marvel and Gazillion Sign 10-year MMO Deal

Marvel is taking another stab at online multiplayer games, as the company has signed an exclusive 10-year deal with Lego Universe publisher Gazillion Entertainment to develop its comic book properties into MMOGs.

This report by Wall Street Journal says that the companies will share revenue of the games. They are expected to announce details on the partnership tomorrow.

The comic book publisher had a MMO in development dubbed Marvel Universe Online. It was being developed by Cryptic Studios for PC and Xbox 360 until its cancelation by publisher Microsoft over Blizzard’s dominance in the MMO market.

Champions Online Coming to PC First

Cryptic Studios has confirmed that Champions Online, its upcoming super-powered MMO, will alunch on PC before it hits PS3 and Xbox 360.

"All I know is it’s coming out first on the PC," said design director and Flagship Studios veteran Bill Roper. "We really, really want to bring it out on console, the consoles are just hungry and perfect for an MMO, and we’ve done a lot of work to ensure that there’s nothing to prevent us from doing that… It’s an area beyond my control."

The game is set for release sometime this spring. It is to be published by Atari.