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Napoleon Dynamite Explodes on DS, PSP

A few years late, Crave has announced the Napoleon Dynamite video game that lets players “relive some flippin’ sweet movie moments like dancing to Z-Kwon, throwing the pigskin a quarter mile with Uncle Rico, smashing piñatas with Pedro” and more. The title features 20 mini-games for the DS and 30 for the PSP and is set for release on October 23.

Apparently, the game picks up right after the movie and will feature bonus content such as concept art from the movie, audio and video clips (PSP only) and more. Multiplayer wireless will featured on the PSP only, which will retail for $20; the DS will go for $30.

Destiny's Dilemma in Development

Lich King Studios sends word that it has began development of Destiny’s Dilemma – a combination of board games, card games and mini-games – this month. The gameplay is likened to a combination of Pokemon and Mario Party or Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales and Puzzle Quest.

Players traverse game boards and battle each other using timed, touch screen abilities represented as cards. To successfully use an ability card, a player selects it and completes the corresponding minigame that is presented. When one player eliminates their opponent’s hit points, they win the battle and receive rewards such as new cards. The flow and gameplay is immediately addicting and accessible as players race against the clock to acquire better cards for battle.

This title places an emphasis on light deck building and multiplayer action. Aside from the single player story mode (featuring cut-scenes and dialogue), a flexible suite of multiplayer games is available for both local and internet wi-fi. Graphically, Destiny’s Dilemma is sure to please with its blend of 2D and 3D components. Characters are large; originally-styled sprites while backgrounds are a mix of real time polygonal objects and sprite overlays. This title appeals to casual players due to its character-driven nature, touch screen controls, board game setting, and prominent minigames. Meanwhile, the deck building, item system, and streamlined battle rules provide the strategy and depth that will satisfy hardcore players and add replay value.

The game is being developed for the DS; no release date was mentioned.

Dating Day Announced

Daedalic Entertainment has announced Dating Day, a Nintendo DS game which couples mini-games with a narrative. Scoop:

Dating Day features an engaging storyline all about that crucial “first date”. Players try to woo the boy of their dreams, by mastering a host of original minigames. Players can individually design their avatar, deck it out with fashionable accessories and style it in every way possible. Cute animations and teen-pop sound are sure to capture the hearts of young girls.

Story and characters have been developed to have maximum appeal to young girls. The relevant topic and age-appropriate presentation is tailored perfectly to girls aged 8-14. In the run-up to GC, we have already gathered a lot of positive feedback to the game and are currently pursuing these talks with great intensity,” said Florian Groß, product manager at Daedalic Entertainment.

The game is set for release during Q4 2008. The company is showing off the game, alongside its adventure project A New Beginning, at GC.

AiAi Gets New Friends

Sega has announced that AiAi and gang will be joined by two newcomers – YanYan and Doctor – in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. The former is described as a “young, vivacious female monkey”, while Doctor is an “older monkey with a past steeped in mystery due to his acute case of amnesia.” Both characters will have their own skill-levels which will affect the outcome of their performance.

In development for the Wii at Sega Studios, the game will feature 50 new party games, which have all been designed to take advantage of the console’s unique controller. Some games include “Ring Toss”, “Alien Attack” and “Whack-a-Mole”. Banana Blitz is set for release this Winter.

PSP Gets Bliss

Making its way from the small-screen to the very-small screen, Codemasters announced that a PSP edition of Bliss Island, a web-based mini-game, is in the works and is scheduled for release this Winter.

Packed with a totally feel good vibe and play that’s instantly accessible, Bliss Island is a funky skill based game that centres on keeping kinetic objects moving. Using just the analogue stick and an action button, players will juggle, race, attack, defend and direct a collection of cute characters through a series of mini-games that share this uniquely intuitive yet deceptively fiendish control system.

On your arrival at Bliss Island, you’ll meet and play with Hoshi the Zwooph, a cute blue creature, who can project precision puffs of air from his long trunk. Usually Hoshi uses this enviable skill to create the clouds that float over the tropical island, but every Friday Hoshi uses his puff-powers to compete in a whole series of games and challenges. And it’s in these games that Hoshi – and his fluffy friends Gaston, Ebba and Miki – need your help.

Players take control of Hoshi’s super blowing powers and help him show off his skills in a series of madcap mini-games. By controlling the timing and direction of Hoshi’s puffs, or that of his friends, players will juggle, bounce, and direct objects towards set goals in a wide variety of challenges across the island.

Helping Hoshi and his friends compete in challenges such as bouncing fruit into the hungry mouth of the Jigoka monster in Fruit Slam Dunk, saving flowers from swarms of aphids in Fluffy Mayhem, and smashing marching boulders to pieces in Brick Invaders. It all makes for a fantastically frenetic game that tests players’ precision, timing and, when the going gets really tough, their nerve.

The game will feature over 80 unique challenges designed specifically for burst play; it will also incorporate Wi-fi multiplayer modes.

WTF Hitting America

wtfscream5Sure to stand out in store shelves will be D3Publisher’s WTF when it hits stores September 26. A collection of “fun and addictive mini-games” for the PSP, When The Fuck will have players testing their skills and earning (virtual) cash in more than 30 mini-games.

Loved by the Japanese, WTF will let players use their earned money to unlock more games and collect hundreds of unique prizes. Among these prizes will be “real world” tools for the PSP including the Bar Calculator, World Clock, Ramen Timer, Flashlight and more. Multiplayer will be supported through wireless, letting up to five players duke it out in mini-games.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves Announced

And a new WarioWare title!

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Format: Wii™
Launch Date: TBA
ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)
Game Type: Mass Microgames
Players: 1+ (TBD)
Developer: Nintendo

The WarioWare team took an idea so wacky, it could only be made with the latest technology … the Wii Remote.

  • WarioWare is back with a whole new set of moves. When Wario™ stumbles upon a strange device called a Form Baton, he and his friends use it to learn new moves that are as fun as they are wacky. With hundreds of microgames, this game is just as wild as you’d expect from the name WarioWare, but the game play has been revolutionized. Under Wario’s tutelage, and with the help of the Wii Remote, players will swing, spin and squat their way to victory.
  • With about 200 lightning-quick microgames and controls that range from scribbling to flailing, WarioWare: Smooth Moves takes interactive gaming to a whole new level. All players need is a Wii Remote and their best moves to be the champ.
  • With games that are as much fun to play as they are to WATCH people play, WarioWare: Smooth Moves brings the party to its feet. It’s hilarious for players and audiences alike.
  • Game storyline: Wario and his pals learn fun, wacky moves after discovering a strange book and a mystical device called the Form Baton.

    Characters: Familiar characters from the WarioWare universe will return to this installment and some new ones will appear.

    How to progress through the game: Players must clear fast-paced sets of microgames, changing the way they hold the Wii Remote each time. As they do, they’ll unlock more microgames and souvenirs.

    Special powers/weapons/moves/features: The game’s full-body controls add a whole new level of insanity to an already frenetic experience.

    One Piece Announced

    Craving for an “over-the-top party game?” Namco Bandai has the answer for you: the company has announced One Piece: Pirates’ Carnival for the PS2. Set for release this Spring, the title will feature over 30 mini-games and up to four player gameplay. Some of the mini-games include pie-eating contests, teeth-gritting battles on stilts, pirate basketball and others. No other details were disclosed.