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morpheme on Wii

NaturalMotion, developers of 3D animation technologies euphoria and endorphin, announced that morpheme 1.2, the latest version of its animation middleware, adds support for the Wii, offering creative control to the studios developing for the console by allowing them to author and preview blends, trees and transition graphs in real-time. The technology is also available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

“Support for Nintendo’s Wii console was a natural extension of the morpheme product offering,” said Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion. “Wii is enjoying tremendous popularity, and we believe morpheme can help developers further expand on the new gaming experiences that the platform has opened up.”

Additionally, morpheme features enhanced run-time compression, enhanced SPU support for PS3; collaboration network editing, reusable sub-networks, new flexible layout manager and more.

Blitz Games Using Kynapse

Blitz Games has announced that it is using Kynapse, an AI middleware solution for an unannounced next-gen title currently in development. According to the announcement, the project is one of the largest ever undertaken by the company and is due for release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 at a later date.

“We have invested many millions of pounds since 1999 in developing our own BlitzWare engine and tool chain which have been used successfully to publish 42 titles to date – every one on time and to budget” said Andrew Oliver, Blitz’ CTO. “However, on this occasion we needed a very quick start. Since the game is very AI intensive and with several of our other development teams in the middle of their own next-gen games, we decided to turn to a third-party solution on this occasion, to guarantee success to our client. We therefore took a detailed look at the architecture and tool-chain used by a number of AI middleware solutions and found that Kynapse provided the best fit with our own methods of production.”

EMotion FX 3 on PS3

Developer of real-time character animation middleware, Mystic Game Development has announced that Emotion FX 3, its animation SDK for multi-core processor systems is now available for the PS3.

“We are pleased to join Sony Computer Entertainment’s Tools and Middleware program for ‘PLAYSTATION3,” said John van der Burg, the development director at the company. “Now that EMotion FX 3.5 is available on PLAYSTATION┬«3, we are looking forward to seeing what game developers will do with it.”

Some of the features in the SDK include real-time motion retargeting, tight integration with 3D Studio Max and Maya, multi-processor support, facial animation, character customization and more.

Vision Game Engine on PS3

One more middleware tool for PS3 developers is now available: Trinigy‘s Vision Game Engine. The company has announced that it has concluded a Tools & Middleware License Agreement with Sony to offer the game engine for licensing to potential game developers.

The Vision Game Engine helps game creators bring more shiny graphics onto the screen while at the same time reducing development costs. Companies like Atari, Take 2 and Threewave have used the engine for powering their games, ranging from first-person shooters to MMOGs.

360 Sourced

Adding to the ease of coding games for the Xbox 360, Valve has announced the availability of the Source engine as an official middleware solution for the Microsoft console. Having powered Half-Life 2, its upcoming ‘Episodes’, as well as Sin Episode and Vampire: The Masquerade, the Xbox 360 version of Source is optimized to utilize the console’s advanced graphics hardware and offer full support for Xbox Live.

Valve had previously disclosed its plans to release Half-Life 2, along with two of its ‘Episodes’, Team Fortress 2 and Portal to both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Those wanting detailed information about licensing Source should contact Jason Holtman.