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Metal Gear Online Celebrates 1 Million Members

Having sold millions of copies of Metal Gear Solid 4, Konami today sends word that the online multiplayer action game Metal Gear Online has gained over 1 million members worldwide since its launch in June 2008. To celebrate this achievement, the publisher is launching a commemorative campaign that will officially begin on November 25, awarding reward points to gamers who play the game during the promotion. These points can be used to purchase new online gear from the in-game reward shop.

All players who own the game and access it between November 25 and December 9 will receive 10,000 reward points each. These points will be given to players on the last day of the campaign. Also, player characters will have the chance to be one of 30 people to receive an additional 100,000 reward points.

Konami noted that a special GENE and MEME expansion bundle pack will also be made available at a special price of $14.99 this holiday season.

Metal Gear Online Beta, Screenshots

Already revealed at last week’s PlayStation event, Kojima fully announced Metal Gear Online, an upcoming 16-player online teamplay experience. The game will feature environments in the Metal Gear universe and will focus on having players use stealth to outwit their opponents. A new team function named SOKKU will be in the game, enabling players to access various data on their allies, as well as the ability to look through solid walls and trace teammates in the battlefield.

They also revealed that beta testing will conducted during August where they will take up to 3,000 participants. The selection process will begin today and runs till August 6, so if you’re interested check the official page out.

No release date for the game was disclosed, but they did send out some nice high-resolution screenshots. Check them out: