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Hornet Leader Announced

Matrix Games, Dan Verssen Games and Storm Cloud Creations have announced Hornet Leader, a squad-based aerial combat game for PC. The game will let players command a squadron of the US Navy’s elite F/A-18 Hornet Strike Fighters, allowing players to pilot and arm the aircrafts based on real-world mission briefings.

There will be unique pilots in the game, with each having its own set of unique skills and abilities. Locations range from Iraq, Libya and North Korea from 1991 to 2007, with weapons matching those of the ones available in the era.

More information on the game is expected soon.

Commander – Europe at War Patch

Today’s lonely patch comes from Matrix Games, who has updated Commander – Europe at War to v1.02. This update brings many improvements ranging from PBEM and TCP/IP multiplayer fixes and enhancements to interface tweaks, balance changes and more. It can be downloaded from Matrix Games’ website.

A Craving for Blood

The next book to make it over to the videogames land is A Craving for Blood, thanks to Matrix Games. The publisher has announced that they have licensed the rights to develop a game based on the popular novel by Mark H. Walker.

One of the ten most popular books on Booklocker, A Craving for Blood features Abrams tanks, three-story tall robotic fighting machines, macabre assassins and more.

“I’m elated to have a chance to bring this book to life on the computer screen,” stated David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games. “Mark has knack for bending genres, be they literary or gaming, and the gritty combat and conflicted heroine in A Craving for Blood is Mark at his best”.

No other details were revealed.

Carriers at War Announced

Matrix Games and SSG have announced Carriers at War, a recreation of the classic wargame. The game is a simulation of fleet carrier air and naval operations in the Pacific theater from 1941 to 1945, and will let players engage in the greatest naval wars of WW2, including Pearl Harbor, Midway and more; multiplayer games over Internet and LAN; historically accurate ship and aircraft profiles; and more.

It is set for release later this year.

Forge of Freedom Announced

Those who like turn-based strategy games and the American Civil War can rejoice, because Matrix Games has announced Forge of Freedom, an upcoming strategy title based on the Crown of Glory engine.

As the leader of the Union or the Confederacy, you will be faced with historical decisions on the military, economic and diplomatic strategies to pursue. The diplomatic and economic systems have been streamlined and improved since Crown of Glory to be more user-friendly and also suited to the period. Rather than multiple minor nations, each state has its own Governor and they will make demands on you and shift their attitudes according to events. In addition, you will have to manage diplomacy with the European powers to try to sway them towards or against intervention. Over 1,000 historical generals are included along with an option to know their abilities ahead of time or have to find out the hard way, as happened historically. Railroads, rivers and cities all play important roles, as do elections which occur at both state and national levels. Every effort has been made to bring you as thorough a simulation of the American Civil War as is possible, from 1860 to 1865, from the skirmishes and raids in the West to the pitched battles in the East and the Naval blockade.

Further details on the game can be found on the publisher’s website.

World at War Sequel Announced

Following the success of the original World at War title, Matrix Games has announced Gary Grigsby’s World at War: A World Divided, a sequel offering spies, neutral country diplomacy, variable political events and various scenarios, among other features.

As with the original, the sequel will put players in the helm of one of the five major nations during the Second World War, managing supply lines, production, resources and troops. A World Divided will add the aforementioned features (and more), vastly changing the dynamics of play and let players be more flexible with their tactics. The game will also feature the all too common ‘what if’ scenario:

In addition to the new features in Gary Grigsby’s World At War: A World Divided is a completely new ‘what-if’ scenario that carries forward from the end of the war into a conflict between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union. Russia’s massive and experienced army is up against the West’s well equipped forces and industrial might. In addition to simply starting with this scenario, players have the option to jump right from the end of their normal campaign game of WWII into this alternate history. This creates a whole new set of strategic choices as players will have to think into the future and plan for their war against the other super-power while still fending off the Axis forces.

A World Divided will include four tutorials, three campaigns and five different scenarios. No release date was mentioned.


A v1.0.1 update for MX vs. ATV Unleashed has been released, enhancing the editor and menus, while addressing some bugs. Get the patch from 3D Gamers, FileFront and FilePlanet. Matrix Games has made available the v1.095 patch for Maximum Football, offering gameplay improvements, among other things.

In patch related news, EA’s Battle for Middle-earth II website has details on recent hardware upgrades as well as plans for the v1.02 patch and the subsequent v1.03 update.

Maximum Football Maximized

Matrix Games has announced that Maximum Football, the second sports title in their Matrix Games line, is now available for download thorugh their online store.

Primarily a coaching and management game, Maximum-Football is a robust North American Football game where you can change nearly every single aspect of the rules and features. Use Indoor, outdoor, Canadian, or American rules, or any combination thereof. Utilize the robust play editing system to create your own playbook specifically tailored for the team you drafted and trained in the pre-season. Compete in player run leagues and discover if you have what it takes for a championship ring. It isn’t just managing every aspect of a team though, Maximum-Football also features fully functional 3D coaching and arcade mode where you can watch the action or take the controls to run, pass, block, and tackle.

More information on the game can be found on the publisher’s site. It is available as a $40 digital download.