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Microsoft Serving Ads in EA Sports Games

From Reuters comes word that Microsoft and EA have signed a deal which will see Microsoft serving ads into a slate of upcoming sports games from the gigantic publisher. The deal covers NASCAR, Tiger Woods, NHL and Skate games, with ads being served dynamically as well as through product placements and other options. This deal only affects the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game, as the PS3 and Wii versions are in the control of Sony and Nintendo, respectively.

This move comes after Microsoft purchased in-game ad agency Massive last year for $200 million. Other agencies in the field include Google (Adscape) and Double Fusion, both of which have made advances lately through major publisher deals.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed; however, the in-game advertising industry is a major one, worth $50 million in 2005, with analysts expecting it to go up to $1 billion over the next few years.

Officers Update, Video

GFI’s “Massive real-time strategy game” Officers has received an update from its developer, stating a couple of behind-the-scenes details.

First up, the update talks about the three year development period of the game, supporting it by saying that Officers will offer “colossal scales and boundless opportunities” and will offer “as much depth as possible.”

The update also reveals that the developer had to cut some ideas, as well as the German and Soviet campaigns, all of which will make it into the game in the form of an add-on. They also took time to pimp the features of the game: “maps will be 25 square kilometers each, where up to 1.500 units may be engaged in a battle; astonishing visual effects created by means of particle systems, multiple light sources, shaders v. 2.0; picturesque graphics powered by advanced opportunities of DirectX 9.0; breath-taking atmosphere and gripping gameplay with a large variety of tactical and strategic opportunities that will definitely please even most sophisticated gamers.”

Additionally, a brand new in-game video has also been released.

Acclaim Signs Massive Deal

Making somewhat of a comeback, Acclaim has announced that it has signed a deal with Massive Inc. that will see the inclusion of multiple of its titles in the Massive Network, the dynamic in-game advertising network. The first title will be BOTS, a free action-themed multiplayer online game. Very popular in Asia, BOTS is being redesigned and launched in the West, with Acclaim starting beta testing in several weeks.