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Lost Planet Getting New Stuff

Capcom has announced that it will release new features and a multiplayer map pack for Lost Planet PC tomorrow. It will feature new playable characters, including Frank West of Dead Rising and Megaman, along with an over the should view and a wide view. The multiplayer mode will also be updated and a movie mode will be added to watch the cut-scenes. As for the map pack, it will include four levels: Radar Field, Island 902, Hive Complex and Trial Point.

The company also mentioned that these maps will be available for free on Xbox Live Marketplace for the console version of the game. There will also be a new patch addressing connectivity issues for Xbox 360 players by the end of this month.

Call of Duty 3 Gets Map Packs

From the North Pole comes word that two waves of maps for Call of Duty 3 are heading towards Xbox Live, one of which will be free.

The free map, dubbed “Champs“, will take players to Port Royal de Champs, France for infantry-based combat; it is said to be great for small to medium-sized online games. The Valor Map Pack, which will be purchasable for 800 points, will contain five multiplayer maps that take players through a maze of French locales, offering “intense close-quarters action, whether via online, split-screen or System Link play.”

Both map packs will be accessible after the holidays.

New PDZ Maps

To celebrate the release of Perfect Dark: Zero under the Platinum Hits budget line, two new multiplayer maps will be released. The two maps are titled Facility, located in a rundown Soviet complex, and Ruin, a ruined location used by the Data Dyne Corporation. These maps will be made available for free via Xbox Live Marketplace early this month; the Platinum Hits disc will include these, as well as the previously released maps: Plaza, Trench, Rooftops and Gas Plant.

SOCOM 3 Gets Map Packs

Expanding on SOCOM 3, Sony and Zipper Interactive announced new map packs for the game that will be available starting next month. Each map pack will cost $6 and will be compatible with USB drives, the PS2 internal hard disk drive or a PSP with Memory Stick media.

The first map pack will be available next month, and will feature updated fan favorite SOCOM II maps After Hours, Last Bastion and Liberation which were previously only available to owners of the PS2 HDD. These maps have been reworked to add the latest SOCOM 3 features including multiple game types per map, respawn modes, day and night options and weapon customization.

The second and third map packs will be released over the subsequent months and will feature classic maps from the original SOCOM as well as original maps.