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EVE Online on Mac, Linux

The rare breed of Mac and Linux gamers can finally add one new title to their list: EVE Online. According to a recent announcement, CCP Games have partnered with TransGaming to port the popular MMORPG to the aforementioned platforms later this year.

As part of the partnership, TransGaming will share quality assurance as well as technical support responsibilities; it will also lead partnership and OEM opportunities for the Linux version of the game.

EVE Online is already available on Linux through Cedega, a software that allows Windows games to run on Linux completely transparently. It was the popularity of this solution that led these parties to further integrate the game with the open-source operating system.

Beta Registrations

One of those ultra-rare Linux gamers? Then check out this page where you can sign up to beta test the Linux edition of X3: Reunion, the latest entry in the space combat series. On LinuxGames are details on participation.

For Windows gamers, there’s the Hellgate London beta. However, this won’t be free, as interested parties will have to pre-order the game through Hellgate Resistance, who notes that buying the game will include a chance to participate in the game’s beta testing: “Signing up for the pre-order will also automatically register your name on the waiting list for the Hellgate: London beta test.”

Savage 2 Supports Linux

Linux junkies out there can rejoice as S2 Games today sent word that Savage 2 will be supporting the Linux community by offering native support for the OS.

In order to facilitate the use of a Linux Client at launch, the S2 Games team is working diligently to convert their DirectX┬« K2 engine, a next-gen game engine built from the ground up specifically for Savage 2, to that of Linux’s OpenGL system. The conversion is a necessity as the high-end renderer (DirectX) in the new engine is a Microsoft┬« product and does not work with Linux. With help from the Linux community and two of Savage’s top enthusiasts — Uttar and WhiteDwarf — S2 is converting the DirectX renderer, one of the more impressive aspects of the game engine, as the effort will enable Linux gamers to utilize their Linux Client when playing the game.

Savage: The Battle for Newerth will be available this Fall as digital download only.

[Patch] Quake 4 beta v1.1

A new beta v1.1 patch for Quake 4 has been released, addressing bugs and issues, adding in-game multiplayer voice chat, Hyper-Threading support, and many more fixes.

It’s a 59 MB download from 3D Downloads, 3D Gamers, Boomtown, Computer Games, Filecloud, Gamer’s Hell, GameSpot, PlanetQuake4.net, VGPro and Worthplaying. The Linux edition can be downloaded from id’s FTP server.