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PS2 to Tell Vice City Stories

gtavcs-logo.jpgIt comes as no surprise that Rockstar Games is planning on releasing GTA: Vice City Stories on PS2. This comes from ESRB’s website where the US-based ratings board has given the game a ‘M’ rating (big surprise, huh?), though the entry has since been taken down.

GTA’s first PSP outing, Liberty City Stories, saw itself being released on the PS2 about six months after the PSP release. It was quite a big success on the platform, as it made its way on to the top ten best-selling games of 2006 list. The same seems to be happening to Vice City Stories, though the game’s publisher is yet to make an announcement.

GTA: Liberty City Stories Dated, Priced

Frugal gamers rejoice! Rockstar Games has announced that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PS2 will be released on June 6 throughout North America for a budget price of $20. Europeans will get the game on June 9 and will retail for 30 EUR and 20 GBP.

Already available for the PSP since October 2005, Liberty City Stories will offer PS2 owners a big screen experience of the same storyline and missions.