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Boll Doing Legend Film

Uwe Boll is at it again: this time he has acquired the rights for the film adaptation to an unreleased action-RPG Legend: Hand of God. The relatively unknown game hits German stores on October 12, with international release next year.

“I think Legend will be very successful because of its unique blend of high fantasy and dark atmosphere,” said Boll. “The world of Legend contains major crossover potential and was already adapted as novel and audio book.”

The film is said to have a $40 million budget, with Boll set to begin shooting in 2009. He is currently working on Far Cry; his next release Postal will arrive in theatres later this month.

dtp at Leipzig

One of the largest publishers from Europe, dtp today announced that it will be present at the Leipzig Games Convention that will take place in Germany from August 22-26.

“The Leipzig Games Convention is still the most important exhibition for us,” reads the press release. “Especially this year, because the E3 expo is, with all its changes, no longer an important place for many European publishers.”

This year the company will be showing off Overclocked, Reprobates, So Blonde, Memento Mori, Undercover: Dual Motives, Legend: Hand of God and more. All these games will be present at their booth F40 in Hall 2.

dtp will also hold other activities like autograph sessions and game presentations with well-known game developers at its booth. The company also notes that there will be some “important new announcements.”

Legend: Hand of God Announced

Compared to the likes of Diablo and Prince of Persia (odd comparisons, I know) by the German PC Games magazine, ANACONDA has announced Legend: Hand of God, a new action RPG set for release during Q2 2007.

As with others in the genre, Hand of God has players fighting evil in a fantasy scenario using a “cinematic combat system”. Unlike its brethren, the game will have players fighting enemies according to the size: “it can happen that Legend’s hero jumps on the back of a giant troll to finally finish him.”

Legend: Hand of God is in development at Hamburg based studio Master Creating. It is also being worked on by US writer Susan O’Connor, Hollywood artist Paul Campion and creative director Andreas Adamek (one of the Gianna Sister’s creators).

According to the announcement, German players can read more about the game in the upcoming September issue of PC Games magazine, which, unlike the actual month stated, will be available from July 26.

Ron Gilbert Working on "Story-heavy" RPG

Legendary game designer Ron Gilbert is at it again: in an interview to Gamasutra, the man behind classics such as the Monkey Island franchise, Maniac Mansion, and many others, stated that he is working on a “very story-heavy, story-based” RPG game. Sadly, he still hasn’t found a publisher “willing” to publish it.

GS: In that vein, do you personally have any new projects you’re working on? You mentioned in some other interviews that you had a new project in the works.

RG: I do have a kind of very story-heavy, story-based kind of RPG game that I’m currently designing, but I’m still looking for a publisher willing to publish it. So I continue to work on it until I find somebody, but there’s a lot of what you talk about here, you know, very heavily story-based, a lot of sensibilities of adventure games mixed with some of the action fun RPG elements.

No other details were provided, though the existence of such a game brings joy to many a gamer’s hearts.

Lara Croft on All Nintendo Consoles

Having already confirmed it for the Gamecube, Eidos issued word that Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend is headed to all three current-generation Nintendo consoles – DS, GBA and Gamecube.

Currently available for the PS2, PC, Xbox and Xbox 360, Legend has moved quite a lot of copies thanks to rave reviews and basically being the best game in the franchise.

Lara Croft will be visiting the aforementioned Nintendo consoles this Autumn.

Lara Croft on Gamecube

Gamecube support has become almost non-existent as of late, but Eidos has announced that Tomb Raider: Legend will also be hitting Nintendo’s current-generation platform, albeit at a later date. The Gamecube will see Miss Croft strut her stuff this Fall.

Tomb Raider: Legend will ship for the PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC on April 11.

Shipped Gold

The following titles have been shipped since March 30:

  • True Crime: New York City (PC)
  • Keepsake (PC)
  • Championship Manager 2006 (PC)
  • NBA Ballers: Phenom (PS2 and Xbox)
  • Top Spin 2 (Xbox 360, DS and GBA)
  • Xpand Rally (PC)

And these have gone gold:

  • Tomb Raider: Legend (PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC) – April 11
  • War on Terror (PC)
  • Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday (PC)

Lara Croft 360 Dated

Lara Croft has gotten a date with the Xbox 360 – the next-gen version of the action title will see its release on April 7, in line with the release of PS2, Xbox and PC versions.

In the hands of Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider: Legend supports real-time per-pixel lighting, shadows and normal-mapping, along with other improvements in its next-gen version. Legend is the seventh title in the series which has sold over 28 million copies worldwide.

Lara Croft Gets New Voice

Picture of Keeley HawesCompleting her makeover, Lara Croft has gotten a new voice! Eidos has announced that British actress Keeley Hawes will be voicing Lara Croft in her upcoming game – Tomb Raider: Legend.

Known best for her role in BBC’s flagship drama ‘Spooks’ and recently seen in the ‘Cock and Bull Story’, Hawes is “perfect for the voice of Lara” says Matt Gorman, Brand Controller for the long-running series. “She had the right balance of aristocracy and attitude to really bring to life Miss Croft in all her glory.”

Tomb Raider: Legend will be out soon for the PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC and PSP.