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On the Matrix Games website is a patch for Flashpoint, updating the tactical war game to v1.10. The update contains new features, improvements to existing eatures and other minor fixes.

Meanwhile, patches for Tycoon City: New York and Law & Order: Criminal Intent have also been issued, updating the games to v1.1.0.5 and v1.1, respectively. No details are available on the changes in the updates.


Read on for patches…

  • A v1.01 patch for Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland is available. No details available.
  • The v1.05 update for Crusader Kings can be downloaded from Paradox, offering a variety of gameplay changes and tweaks.
  • On Legacy Interactive’s site is a new patch for Law & Order: Criminal Intent, addressing a navigation bug and other issues.
  • Although the game isn’t in stores yet, a v1.01 patch for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II is now available, offering stability improvements and fixes for desync issues.
  • The Pacific Fighters website offers a v4.04 update for the aerial combat game.