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McGee making new Alice and Oz games; Alice to be Kickstarted, not hack-and-slash as expected


Beloved Alice is coming back once more! American McGee, the developer behind Alice and its interesting sequel, has revealed that Spicy Horse, his studio, has been working on a new entry in the series as well as a new game based on The Wizard of Oz.

The Facebook page for Alice: Otherlands reveals the game, noting that it’s going to be funded through a crowdfunding campaign run on Kickstarter. They’ve revealed potential backer rewards and have launched a competition looking for the best Alice cosplayer. There’s a UI mockup as well, and it seems the game won’t be a hack-and-slash title but something else entirely.

As for the Oz title, the studio simply noted that “it’s already in the works.” However, Kelly Heckman, community manager at the company, noted that it’s not related to the ill-fated 2004 game that was in development at Atari.

So, what does this all mean for Alice? The first was excellent, and so was the sequel. However, the direction McGee is taking her in doesn’t seem very good. I’d love to see another action game similar in vein to Devil May Cry or God of War. The concept does sound interesting, however, especially in how Alice will be traveling in the minds of various prominent figures of Victorian London. Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, and Jules Verne are listed as probables on their Facebook page. Let’s see how this turns out, though I hope it’s as awesome as the first one.

Wasteland 2 is not exclusive to Origin

Brian Fargo may be smitten on Origin’s support for crowd-funded games, but that doesn’t mean Wasteland 2 will be exclusive to the service. He took to Twitter to crush the pesky rumors by stating that the game will indeed be coming to other digital stores.

Origin waives distribution fees for Kickstarter games, gains support from Fargo and Jensen

ea-origin-logo-01Riding the Kickstarter wave, EA announced that it is going to waiver distribution fees for crowd-funded games for 90 days on Origin after they launch. This only applies to “fully funded, complete and ready-to-publish games.” It has already got InXile’s Brian Fargo and Pinkerton Road’s Jane Jensen onboard.

Not only does it gain a lot of credibility with the indie crowd, this move may give EA Origin the push it needs to succeed against Steam. Origin SVP David DeMartini noted that the company hopes to give players the chance to check out even more crowd-funded games through this move.