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Tropico 3 Announced

tropico 3 logo Following the formation of Realmforge Studios, Kalypso Media also announced today that they have secured the publishing rights to Tropico 3 from Take-Two Interactive. The publisher will release the third entry in the once-famous strategy series in summer 2009.

Thankfully, Tropico 3 will be based on the awesomeness that was the first Tropico and not the crapfest that was the sequel.

“The Tropico series is a great IP which we are excited to continue,” said Simon Hellwig, Kalypso MD. “The game will be the biggest project Kalypso has realized so far in its short history and we are focusing on achieving a worldwide PC hit with this brand.”

It is being developed by Bulgaria-based Haemimont Games, who is also responsible for Grand Ages: Rome.

Realmforge Studios Forged

Expanding their biz further, Kalypso Media and developer Boxed Dreams have partnered to form a new Munich-based development studio dubbed Realmforge Studios. Boxed Dreams is currently working on Ceville, which will be published by Kalypso next year.

“We have built a close and friendly relationship with Boxed Dreams during the development of Ceville and we are delighted to further this partnership. Kalypso Media who are funding Realmforge Studios as the majority shareholder, are delighted that this new opportunity will offer further chances for our teams to work closely together,” said Stefan Marcinek, Managing Director of Kalypso Media.

All members of the development team at Boxed Dreams will be transferred to Realmforge Studios. The companies plan on doubling the size of the team by the middle of next year. The studio’s first title will be a business simulation package due out during the first quarter of 2009.

Grand Ages Formed, First Game Subtitled Rome

Kalypso Media sends word that it has launched an umbrella brand dubbed “Grand Ages” to launch its upcoming strategy games, including Grand Ages: Rome formerly known as Imperium Romanum II.

The company hopes that the brand name will act as a strong customer recognizable brand for its strategy games portfolio.

"The GRAND AGES brand gives us the opportunity, to create a distinctive brand for all our strategy games which will be universally recognized and unique in the world wide game markets. Grand Ages: Rome is only the beginning of a future series of great Kalypso Media strategy games,” said Kalypso’s Stefan Marcinek.

The game is due out February 2009.

Campus Announced

Kalypso Media has announced Campus, a new adventure-RPG that focuses on the life spent in colleges and universities.

Players begin their university careers in merry ol’ England as a humble ‘fresher’, but will travel across the globe, throughout the course of the game, to a variety of countries to complete their education. Picking up friends along the way is key to furthering your objectives and helping you deal with problems encountered on the way. The ultimate goal of the game is to achieve a career in science, but the pace of this game is very much up to the player.

Using a mission-based structure, Campus follows a wider story line where a nefarious corporation has devious designs that only the player can foil. As a lifesim title, this can be pursued at the player’s leisure with other objectives to be achieved, from more day-to-day living tasks to more lofty ambitions such as winning the Nobel Prize no less.

The game is currently set to hit stores this October. More information can be found on its website.

Universal Boxing Manager Announced

Kalypso Media today announced Universal Boxing Manager, a boxing management simulation for fans of the sport. Here’s the deal:

Starting as a lowly hopeful, players are tasked with managing up to six different budding champs with high hopes of glory. As an eagle-eyed trainer it’s your job to sort the Ricky Hattons from the Ricky Gervais, buff them up in the gym, broker the right fights against the right opponents and reap the juicy financial rewards. Just as any good manager would offer, it’s also your job to play Mr. Motivator and power talk your charges to victory, or give them the hair dryer treatment should things go decidedly the way of Bruno vs. Tyson.

Easily accessible to even the most modest gamers, Universal Boxing Manager is a pick-up-and-play insight into the world of the boxing promoter, the perfect game to wile away a lunchtime. Alternatively, gamers looking for a bit more depth can tackle the career mode, and take responsibility for buying new equipment, hiring better medical staff and trawling through the 17 different weight classes to pick a champ or two from the roster of over a thousand unique boxers.

All fights can be watched in real time in an overhead view of the ring, with options to concentrate on healing or motivate your boxer between rounds, as well as advise him on tactics and where to expose his opponent’s weaknesses. From heavy to featherweight, Universal Boxing Manager will bring out a little Don King in all of us this autumn.

The game will be released this September for a lowly price of £9.99.

Hollywood Pictures 2 Announced

Kalypso Media today announced Hollywood Pictures 2, a movie studio simulation, for PC that will be released this September. Here’s the announcement:

Starting with a shoestring budget, amateur camera crews, wannabes, ‘has-beens’ and ‘never-has-been’ actors, dig out a winner and you’ll soon find your way on the road to Scorsese status.

Players are responsible for every facet of the movie making process from script to screen. Screenplays can be bought from aspiring writers or written yourself for a truly personal project. Once financial backing has been secured from the bank, hiring your star, co-star and supporting roles are next on the list of priorities, along with choosing the right camera crew, make-up artists and special effects team.

The scruffy movie studio site you inherit at the beginning of the game can be expanded to help ease the costs of big movie production. In addition to your basic production house, special effects studios, acting colleges and even a fire department can be constructed to quell those inevitable pyrotechnical accidents on set, which can cost you valuable days filming!

As with any major movie project, yours must be on budget, on time and screened to rapturous applause. Starting with the ambition of producing a film with a ’10’ rating, aspiring Almodovars can also target a place for one of their films in the all-time charts, and not forgetting to be in the academy’s mind when Oscar time comes around. It can be a rotten business that’ll chew you up and spit you out, but stay focused, keep the hits rolling and it will be your handprints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

The game will be priced at £19.99.

Star Assault Announced

Sending out a highly humorous press release, Kalypso Media today announced Star Assault, a space shooter for the PC. Here’s the deal:

When humankind took to the stars to search out new energy sources, rapid successes brought huge rewards in the advancement of travel, exploration and colonisation. Some thought they had taken it too far, they were right. In 2253 the human pioneers found themselves under brutal attack from the vicious alien race dubbed the Sparks. Cut off from Earth due to the destruction of their warp gate, their only route back, the intrepid explorers now must battle for their very survival, and maybe even a way home.

A rich story-based campaign offers players the chance to pilot a star fighter and accomplish the death-defying missions against the Sparks. From humble beginnings in a small ship, players can work their way through the ranks, improve their skills and eventually command wingmen in battle. Complex opponent A.I. ensures you won’t be mastering any predetermined attack patterns, while real-time space jumps make getting from A to B just that bit faster.

Between missions, upgrading one’s fly machine is essential to avoid an early union with the great beyond. Shields, reactors and propulsion can be adjusted and replaced in order to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Weapons vary from lasers and rail guns to heat seekers and rockets to give you all the firepower you could possibly need to see off your grizzly foe. Star Assault will offer galactic battles to warm the hearts of any sci-fi shooter fan, and not an angry Colin Farrell in sight.

The game is set for release this September; it will retail for £20.