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Carmack excited by Wii U

In even more Wii U related news, id Software guru John Carmack stated that Nintendo’s new console is on an equal footing beside the current generation consoles – PS3 and Xbox 360.

He notes that the “technology level… brings it up to parity with the other consoles, which is nice…” The Wii, he adds, was not “suitable” for the company’s new engine, though it was a prime candidate for their iOS Rage technology. Disappointingly nothing came out of it because “[id] decided that it wasn’t the right time to jump into the Wii market.”

The Wii U has him excited, especially the touch-screen controller he raves about. There’s more in the Gamespot interview, so check that out.

id Software is currently working on Rage, which is due out this October on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. They are also working on Doom 4.

Carmack: "WoW Driving PC Gaming"

Game god John Carmack of id Software, in an interview with Gamasutra, has noted the power of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, saying that it has spurred PC gaming, all the while reaffirming his company’s support for PC as a gaming platform.

He described WoW as a “train driving all the PC sales numbers altogether on gaming,” while at the same time acknowledging that most players of “higher-end games” have moved onto the consoles, citing well-implemented console features as well as connectivity options such as Xbox Live.

However, he still believes in the strength of PC as a games platform, stating that “the PC still has a strong enough margin to make games, and we continue to support it.”