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Minecraft coming to an iOS device near you

Minecrack Minecraft, a soul-crushing, infinitely playable indie game will be released for the iOS platform later this year. This includes iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. If you have enemies that you want to clear away for the year, buy them this game.

Mojang, the studio behind this madness, founder Markus Persson noted that the iOS version will not receive the same updates as the PC version, which, quite interestingly, is still in beta. It will only receive updates that “make sense” for touch-screen devices.

No release date or price was given.

PlayStation Games on iPhone

iPhone users will have one more thing to do on their expensive sets: play PlayStation games. Apparently, an independent developer is hard at work on a PlayStation emulator for the Apple phone, though he states that it will also run on iPod Touch. A beta testing stage is due sometime in the near future, though donators will get early access.