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Brilliant time-lapse video shows development of Dropchord

Double Fine is freaking awesome when it comes to making good games, and Dropchord is looking to be a great addition to its roster. If you’ve ever wondered how the studio makes its games, then this video is for you.

Senior gameplay programmer Patrick Hackett has put up a time-lapse video of the development of Dropchord. “I regularly captured short videos showing new features or interesting developments,” he writes. “I sped these up and cut them together with one of the tracks from the game.”

And the result is phenomenal. The video shows the evolution of the game’s design, how its appearance changed, and its debut at PAX East this March.

Dropchord is due out on Windows, Mac, and iOS in July.

Kotomon hits iOS, from the lead programmer of Child of Eden

Coming from the lead programmer of Child of Eden is a cute dancing-shooting hybrid game called Kotomon on iOS. It uses touch controls to catch friendly monsters and shoot them at not-so-friendly monsters. They come with their own unique powers, and their moves add various beats to the background music.

Its listing notes abilities like bouncing around, breathing fire, explosion, and more. The soundtrack can be influenced by selecting the various creatures, which you can use to create combos for high scores.

The game is available for iOS devices for just $2.99.

Final Fantasy developers team up for iOS RPG

Major Final Fantasy developers have teamed up to produce Borderwalker, an interesting RPG for iOS devices. The team consists of FFVII and FFVIII scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, FFVI and FFIX art director Hideo Minaba, composer Nobuo Uematsu, and Baten Kaitos character designer Nakaba Higurashi.

The game makes use of a battle system that takes place on a 3×3 grid. Players have to touch various sectors to discover new skills. Besides the core campaign, players can unlock secrets by playing bonus scenarios, exploring dungeons, and fighting in a coliseum.

You can grab it from the Japanese iTunes store if you know the language well. Otherwise, wait with us mortals and pray for it to be localized.

Minecraft coming to an iOS device near you

Minecrack Minecraft, a soul-crushing, infinitely playable indie game will be released for the iOS platform later this year. This includes iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. If you have enemies that you want to clear away for the year, buy them this game.

Mojang, the studio behind this madness, founder Markus Persson noted that the iOS version will not receive the same updates as the PC version, which, quite interestingly, is still in beta. It will only receive updates that “make sense” for touch-screen devices.

No release date or price was given.