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Stardock Throws Goo on DRM

Essentially throwing poo at digital rights management, Stardock today unveiled Goo, a new technology that the company claims will solve publisher and consumer complaints with digitally distributed games and DRM.

An acronym for Game Object Obfuscation, Goo will let developers “encapsulate their game executable into a container that includes the original executable plus Impulse Reactor, Stardock’s [suite of developer tools], into a single encrypted file.”

When players run the game, they will need to enter their email address and serial number for online activation. It is then tied to the user’s account, with Stardock adding that the game will never need to connect to the Internet again. Stardock also added a list of “unique advantages” of the technology:

1. There is no third-party client required. This means a developer can use this as a universal solution since it is not tied to any particular digital distributor.

2. It paves the way to letting users validate their game on any digital distribution service that supports that game. One common concern of gamers is if the company they purchased a game from exits the market, their game library may disappear too. Games that use Goo would be able to be validated anywhere.

3. It opens the door to gamers being able to resell their games because users can voluntarily disable their game access and transfer their license ownership to another user.

It will debut on April 7 in an update to Stardock’s digital distribution platform Impulse.

Sins of a Solar Empire Expansion Delayed to February 25

Publisher Stardock has finally given a solid release date for the first expansion to Sins of a Solar Empire: due to incorporation of beta feedback, the oft-delayed title can now be expected on February 25.

"The additional time will allow for Ironclad’s development team to incorporate feedback to date and allow for another round of beta testing," said a company representative.

Dubbed “Entrenchment”, the add-on is currently available for pre-order on Impulse for $9.95.