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Lara Leaps to Next-gen, Third Movie

Yes, it’s no surprise that a next-gen Tomb Raider game is in the making, but official confirmation comes from an EuroGamer interview with Ian Livingstone, where the Eidos bigwig revealed that the new “Lara Croft” is so good that you’ll be literally “drooling”. Though he didn’t mention when the “drooling” might begin, he did mention that a third Tomb Raider movie may be made: a scriptwriter has been hired by Paramount, however it is “nowhere near the green-light process”, so don’t get your hopes too high… yet.

The full interview can be seen on EuroGamer’s online TV show.

Fighting Fantasy Making its Way to Portables

Having sold over 15 million copies in 26 different languages, the classic Fighting Fantasy series of books will now be fighting its way to portables. Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson have teamed up with development consultants Bad Management to bring the series to the DS and PSP; no release date was mentioned.

Commenting, Ian Livingstone said, “Fighting Fantasy built up a huge, worldwide fan base over the years. We believe that players will really enjoy the adventures in a new way on DS and PSP. Fighting Fantasy’s interactive structure is ideal for bite-sized chunks of gameplay which is important for these devices.”

Steve Jackson, Fighting Fantasy’s co-creator; added, “We’re convinced that innovative handheld versions will challenge and entertain a whole new generation of gamers – as well as existing fans – and will form the basis of a new portable gaming franchise.”

The series was originally published in the e’80s by Puffin Books; it was recently re-launched in the UK by Icon Books.

Eidos Dude Loves PS3, Claims Lara Croft Popular than Mario

Eidos’ product acquisition director Ian Livingstone is a man with words… lots of it. In an interview (part 2) with Gamesindustry, he stated his support for all three next-gen consoles, offering positive words for each of them. According to him (and rightly so), Microsoft “has obviously got a 12 month head start on the competition” with Xbox 360, while Nintendo is “concentrating on gameplay above all else” with a “cheaper priced product” referring to the Wii.

His most positive words, however, were left for the PS3: “It’s extraordinary quality, that’s the starting point,” he said about the console’s Blu-ray technology, adding that “if people are seeking the ultimate machine, the PS3 is clearly the best spec machine as far as next-gen goes. As with all things in life, you have to pay for quality.” He concluded that “Sony just has to educate people that yes, it’s a lot of money, but it’ll be worth it.”

He didn’t stop there. Livingstone also spoke about the company’s big franchise, and gaming icon, Lara Croft, commenting that further Tomb Raider games are in development and that the publisher is currently speaking to Paramount about a third Tomb Raider film. And that’s not all: he also made the dubious claim that Lara Croft is more popular than Mario, Nintendo’s long-time mascot, due to her ability to break beyond the games niche “thanks to two blockbuster films” as well as her appeal to women as well as men.