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Hockey truck coming to you soon

nhl2k11 tour2K Games wants you to think of hockey this summer, as the company is sending an NHL 2K11 recreational vehicle on the road around United States and Canada for fans to get a sneak peek at the game.

The tour started at E3 a few weeks ago in LA and will slowly make its way to Chicago and New York, among other notable destinations.

More details can be found on 2K’s website. The full schedule can be found below.

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NHL 2K7 Gets Cinemotion

What with newfangled technology coming up these days, it’s very unfashionable if you don’t have the latest next-gen stuff to yourself. Well, NHL 2K7 will get the Cinemotion advantage over its competitors, according to a recent announcement by 2K Games. What exactly is Cinemotion? Let’s let the press release speak for itself:

Fans will notice the impact of Cinemotion as soon as the puck drops, as NHL 2K7 features a new dynamic parametric camera angle during gameplay that maximizes the gamer’s vision down the ice. This new camera angle specifically takes advantage of widescreen viewing, giving players the optimal perspective on all that’s happening on the ice. The camera smartly zooms in when there’s intense action along the boards without distracting the gamer. Additionally, gamers will truly appreciate the atmosphere and the character of each NHL arena when using this new Cinemotion camera angle.

The drama of an NHL game is perfectly delivered with cutscenes and player chatter in NHL 2K7. Cinemotion intelligently activates cutscene sequences that are shot from brand new camera angles and perspectives, to include penalty shots, face-offs and scoring. Player chatter adds a new layer of gameplay audio, as players on the ice will shout orders, give encouragement to teammates and react to specific game situations, elevating the drama and excitement.

To fully engross gamers in an all-new NHL experience, sound plays a big part in Cinemotion presentation and users can select between two different sound settings in NHL 2K7. Harry Neale and Bob Cole are back once again to deliver their unique insight and entertaining wit to every game when users select Cinemotion- Commentary. For gamers who want something much different, Cinemotion-Music replaces the commentary with an orchestrated score that dynamically changes with the action throughout every game. With Cinemotion-Music, the score will change based upon the action on the ice to reflect the overall mood. All Cinemotion music options are completely customizable so each user can have their own unique NHL 2K7 experience.

NHL 2K7 will be released this September for PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360. There will be a PS3 version released this Holiday season.

NHL 2K7 Gets Indie Soundtrack

Into hockey? Really love indie rock? 2K Sports has announced that independent rock music pioneer Sub Pop Records, among other record labels, will provide music tracks from its catalog for NHL 2K7.

The soundtrack will feature eighteen songs, including the following from the label:

  • Arlo
  • Runaround
  • Band of Horses- Wicked Gil
  • Hot Hot Heat- Talk to me, Dance with Me
  • Kinski- Hot Stenographer
  • Love as Laughter- Temptation Island
  • Mudhoney- Empty Shells
  • Nebula- Giant
  • The Postal Service- Brand New Colony
  • Seaweed- Losing Skin
  • Sleater-Kinney
  • Rollercoaster
  • The Constantines- Working Full-time
  • The Thermals- I Hold the Sound

NHL 2K7 will be hitting Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS2 this September; a PS3 version will be released during the Holiday season.