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Hellgate: London Soundtrack Composers

As the game nears release, Flagship Studios sent out word that renowned video game composers Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan have created the original soundtrack for Hellgate: London. It will be available within the game‘s collector’s edition, which will be released alongside the standard edition on October 31.

Hellgate: London Trailers

Two new Hellgate: London videos have been released, showing off some major gameplay from the upcoming action-RPG. The embedded video below shows off the Covent Garden Underground Station level, which includes a boss battle. I haven’t hosted the other video, which is a Quest Design document demonstrating two in-game quests, but it can be found on Gametrailers.


Hellgate: London Lifetime Subscription Offer

This Hellgate: London pre-order benefits page drops word that preorders for the game would include a “Founders Club” lifetime subscription offer. It’s a $149.99 price tag for those interested to savor the game’s premium multiplayer features for life, though it notes that the lifetime offer is valid for the span of the game, rather than that of the player. Interestingly, this span is completely undetermined, as it can be “cancelled at any time, without any refunds or other compensation to the user.”

The offer is valid until November 30, after which it will no longer be available.

Hellgate Gets Voice Chat

Bringing voice chat to its upcoming action-RPG, Flagship Studios announced that it will integrate Xfire’s peer-to-peer communication system in Hellgate: London, allowing players to easily communicate and strategize with each other. Additionally, players will be able to login to Xfire from within the game and easily add their friends and other gamers into a voice chat room, talking away as they play.

Founded by the creators of the Diablo series, Flagship is staying on the beaten path with Hellgate: London, which plays a lot like Diablo. The game is set in post-apocalyptic London, letting players loose on demons with over 100 magical and sci-fi weapons. It makes useof “random generation”, allowing players countless hours of replayability. The game will be out soon.

Hellgate: London Multiplayer Priced

Word comes from Leipzig that Flagship Studios has announced the pricing structure for the premium multiplayer component for Hellgate: London in Europe.

The game will come with both standard and subscription multiplayer accounts, the former of which is free. Those who wish to have the ability to play co-operatively with thousands of other players, trade items, join guilds and enjoy other benefits including voice chat and buddy lists will have to dish out €9.99/£6.99 per month. Subscribers will also get new game modes, new character classes, areas, monsters, items and raid content.

Hellgate: London is set for release in Europe on November 2.

Beta Registrations

One of those ultra-rare Linux gamers? Then check out this page where you can sign up to beta test the Linux edition of X3: Reunion, the latest entry in the space combat series. On LinuxGames are details on participation.

For Windows gamers, there’s the Hellgate London beta. However, this won’t be free, as interested parties will have to pre-order the game through Hellgate Resistance, who notes that buying the game will include a chance to participate in the game’s beta testing: “Signing up for the pre-order will also automatically register your name on the waiting list for the Hellgate: London beta test.”

Flagship Seattle Forms; Mythos Announced

The studio behind the upcoming action-RPG Hellgate: London has expanded itself with the formation of a new development studio: Flagship Seattle. With that they also announced the studio’s first game: Mythos, an online RPG that will be used to test the networking technology behind the multiplayer component of Hellgate: London. Mythos will be digitally distributed globally sometime next year.

Flagship Seattle is being led by Travis Baldree, who previously worked at Wild Tangent as the Lead Designer on the popular free-to-play game Fate. Other members of the studio have worked on a range of titles including Dungeon Siege, Total Annihilation and SWAT 3.

Hellgate: London Gets Ping0

Flagship Studios has announced a joint venture with Ping0 which will manage all aspects of hosting online games for Hellgate: London, the studio’s upcoming highly anticipated RPG.

“Supporting Hellgate: London is just the beginning for Ping0,” said Bill Roper, CEO and co-founder of Flagship Studios. “We fully expect Ping0 to both handle the online components and digitally distribute all of Flagship’s future titles. The company will also provide publishers and developers that want to bring their games online with a solution proven by one of the most highly anticipated titles in the industry.”