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Haze Not in Full HD

Upcoming PS3 exclusive shooter Haze will not run at 720p as stated by this PlayStation Blog post. Instead, it is going to run at 576p as confirmed by developer Free Radical.

Speaking to Ripten, the game’s creative lead Derek Littlewood said: “We prioritize a nice smooth framerate over a different resolution.” He added that making the game look good and run smoothly are the “important things” to him.

“I always say, judge it by the whole experience. Sit down with it and enjoy it. If people come away from that saying ‘Yeah, the resolution was a bit lower than I was expecting’ then I hope people wouldn’t, because it has other things it does really well.”

It was also revealed that the game would require a mandatory 4GB install before playing.

The game is due out later this week only on the PS3.

Korn Composes "Haze" for Haze

Apparently nu-metal band Korn was “inspired” by Haze so much that they composed and performed a song just for it. The track, titled “Haze”, will be launched to radio and video next month to coincide with the release of the game. It will also be available for purchase via online music download sites.

“Gaming for me is a religion and Haze is the shit!” said Jonathan Davis. “I had to come up with a track that can hit up that kind of rush I get from the game and I think we really rocked it!”

The game is set to launch next month exclusively on PS3.

Hazy Future for PC, Xbox 360

Gamespot claims that Haze has gone fully exclusive to the PS3 and that development on the other versions has halted. Apparently, Ubisoft told the site that “PC and Xbox 360… are not confirmed,” though it does note that it is open to “new partnerships.”

The game, in development at Free Radical, the studio behind the TimeSplitters franchise, was announced to be exclusive to the PS3 for this year only. However, it now seems that the game may just be released for the platform only. Ubisoft is yet to fully confirm these details.

Haze Announced, Screens

The creators of TimeSplitters have announced their latest project: HAZE, a new FPS based on an original IP. Ubisoft will be publishing the title which is due for an early 2007 release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Twenty-five years in the future. Governments have outsourced military operations to private multinational corporations. As Jake Carpenter, a newly enlisted soldier in the Mantel army, you are seeking fulfillment and thrills by fighting for a good cause.

Thanks to their high-tech arsenal of vehicles, deadly weaponry, and performance enhancing bio-medical support, the Mantel Corporation’s ruthlessly efficient soldiers are the most feared by terrorists, dictators, and the corporation’s political enemies.

Your conflict begins in a war-torn country in South America, where you have been sent to fight a vicious rebel faction, The Promise Hand. At first glance, all is well, but things quickly begin to look a little strange…

Key Features

  • Impeccable FPS credentials. From the developers of the critically-acclaimed TimeSplitters® series and the publishers of Far Cry®, Splinter Cell®: Chaos Theory™, and Ghost Recon® Advanced Warfighter™. Free Radical and Ubisoft have proven their ability to create innovative platform-defining FPS titles.
  • Next-generation gaming technology applied to a cutting-edge futuristic first-person shooter. Designed from the ground up to take advantage of next generation hardware. Prepare to be blown away by stunning visuals, hyper-intelligent AI, and realistic physics for a varied and immersive gameplay experience.
  • Gear up and deploy with the best of the best. Experience the devastating firepower of deadly weapons through dazzlingly rendered outdoor and indoor environments. Drive vehicles through a dense and humid jungle ravine, or breathtaking mountains, as you strive to defeat the merciless guerillas.
  • State of the art multiplayer modes. Fire up your console or PC for online battles on one of two carefully balanced sides. Choose from a variety of online modes including furious co-op action with your friends!

And the amazing screenshots: