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Duke Nukem inspires awesome custom computer

Richard Surroz, the man behind the excellent Kegputer, has teamed up with NVIDIA again to make something new and amazing. This time the theme was Duke Nukem Forever, a game fourteen years in the making. The game hasn’t been doing well with the critics, but who cares – it’s finally out and selling well enough to take the throne in UK.

Anyways, Surroz has built a custom-made computer based on the theme, and, to be honest, it’s absolutely wonderful. There’s a full step-by-step on how he has done it, plus pictures of the build, up on GeForce. It has two screens Check it out.

White PS2 SingStar Bundle Announced

Catering to the wannabe-singer gamers, SCEA has announced that it will release a limited edition Ceramic White PS2 bundled with SingStar Pop, the second release in the popular franchise, along with two high quality USB microphones. This bundle will be available this November for $150.

The white PS2 features the same functions as its black and silver cousins. Bundled with it, SingStar Pop has players singing songs from current stars and pop legends including Alicia Keys, Gorillaz, Rihanna, The All-American Rejects and more. There are various modes in the game including multiplayer.

Check out the images of the white PS2 bundle below.