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Guitar Hero Opens Own Space in PlayStation Home

Activision today announced that they will be opening up a presence for Guitar Hero in PlayStation Home, letting PS3 users interact, communicate and share experiences together in one unified space.

Dubbed “Backstage with Guitar Hero”, the space will be a themed backstage lounge and massive concert venue where users will be able to meet up, hang out and check out videos for upcoming titles in the franchise. It will add more functionality over time.

Sing Hero Trademarked

Activision, which publishes the popular Guitar Hero series, has filed a trademark for Sing Hero prompting speculation that the company might be preparing a dedicated karaoke game.

This falls in line with Activision’s plans to create “all new differentiated Guitar Hero products” in the second half of 2009. They have also promised a “major re-stage” of the franchise, which added mics and drums in its latest iteration.

It can also be noted that Activision plans to triple the amount of Guitar Hero releases by next year. Three more titles are due out by the end of June, including Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero Greatest Hits and Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits.

Lemmy in Guitar Hero Metallica

Activision sends word that legendary lead vocalist and bassist for Motorhead, Lemmy, will be featured as a playable character in Guitar Hero: Metallica this spring.

His in-game likeness will rock and shred his way to the stage alongside Metallica or by himself. The band’s song “Ace of Spades” is featured in the game as a playable track.

The game is due out next month on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PS2.

Guitar Hero Metallica Preorder Incentives

With the release of Guitar Hero Metallica on the horizon, retailers are offering pre-order incentives to those who order the PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii versions of the game.

Those who preorder from GameStop will receive an exclusive second kick pedal for free; GameCrazy customers will get a pair of official drumsticks for free; and Best Buy customers will receive free tattoo sleeves at launch.

Guitar Hero Xbox Live Weekend Coming

Since Activision is in party mode, the publisher has announced that it will host a Xbox Live weekend this month, letting players 14 years of age or older participate in a number of activities to celebrate Guitar Hero: World Tour.

The activities include an Xbox All NIghter on November 27; Play & Win sweepstakes from November 28 through 30; and Game with Developers on November 30 from 10pm to 1am GMT.

Those who play during the weekend can win special prizes, including Samsung home theater packages, 1GB memory sticks and more. However, most interesting will be the Game with Developers session where lucky gamers can have their ass whooped by the makers of the game themselves. Here are the people who are participating:

  • GHDevTina – Producer
  • GHDevLee – Associate Producer
  • GHDevCorey – Production Coordinator
  • GHDevAnthony – Midi Designer
  • GHDevChris – Midi Designer
  • GHDevJason – Lead Animator
  • GHDevZack – Junior Programmer
  • GHDevJosh – Jr. Sound Designer
  • GHDevKristina – Mocap Supervisor
  • GHDevJustin – Mocap Tech
  • GHDevAdry – QA Tester
  • GHDevBrandon – QA Tester
  • GHDevTravisR – QA Tester

You can check out the event’s official website for more information.

The Killers DLC in Guitar Hero World Tour

Keeping the stream of content flowing, Activision today announced that tracks from The Killers’ upcoming album will be made available for Guitar Hero: World Tour. The songs will be available simultaneously with the album’s release on November 25.

Two singles from the album will be playable: “Human” and “Losing Touch”. Rounding out the pack will be “Mr. Brightside” from the band’s debut album Hot Fuss. It will be available on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network for 440 Microsoft points ($5.49). Songs can also be bought individually for 160 points ($1.99) a piece.

Activision Buys Budcat

Hoping to further capitalize on the Guitar Hero franchise, Activision today announced the acquisiiton of Budcat Creations, the studio who worked on the PS2 and Wii versions of games in the aforementioned music franchise. They are currently working on a new game in the same franchise.

"Budcat Creations is an outstanding developer with an experienced management team and a very talented group of programmers, designers and artists," said Mike Griffith, President and CEO of Activision Publishing, Inc. "In addition to strengthening our development capabilities on the Nintendo platforms, this acquisition increases our Guitar Hero development resources as we continue to grow the franchise and expand our global leadership position in the music-based genre."

The studio now becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision, the largest publisher in North America. They are based on Iowa City, Iowa. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Guitar Hero 4 Dubbed Guitar Hero World Tour

The next entry in the Guitar Hero series won’t be called Guitar Hero IV, but Guitar Hero World Tour, publisher Activision has announced. Set to arrive on PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii this Fall, no further information was provided for the title.

The company, however, recently revealed the five-pad drum kit that it claims are “the most realistic drums”. The game will also reportedly let users record, create music and share it with the rest of the world. Four bands have already been confirmed to be in the game – Van Halen, The Eagles, Linkin Park and Sublime.

Romantics Sue Activision Over Accurate Song

Just when is too good considered “too good”? Well, now you can ask The Romantics, a washed-up group, who is suing Activision over the inclusion of a “too good” cover version of their song “What I like about You” in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the ’80s.

Apparently, the cover version infringed on the group’s rights to its own likeness, with the band claiming that it was an imitation that was “much like the Romantics’ original”. The band is seeking unspecified damages and is also seeking an injunction that could take the game off store shelves.