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Last day of Steam’s crazy Summer Sale: GTA IV, Red Faction Guerilla for $5

While the rest of America is resting on and celebrating the 4th of July weekend, Steam is hard at work, putting up insane deals of plenty of both old and new games. This is the last day of the site’s Summer Sale, so get cracking if you want some quality games in your play list.

Major notables from today’s sale includes Left 4 Dead 2 for $10.19, Grand Theft Auto IV for $4.99 (whoa!), Red Faction Guerilla for $5, and Borderlands for $10.19.

Remember: this sale is valid for today only. Enjoy.

GTA 4 DLC Detailed, Pictured

Rockstar Games has officially announced the first details of the first downloadable content for the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto 4. It will not be released this holiday season, but now has a definite release date – February 17, 2009.

Dubbed “The Lost and Damned”, the DLC will introduce a new character and feature a plot that intersects with the main storyline of the original game. It will also include new multiplayer modes, weapons, music, vehicles and more.

No pricing was announced, but four screenshots were released.

gta 4 dlc 1  gta 4 dlc 2

gta 4 dlc 3  gta 4 dlc 4

GTA 4’s Movie Mode Pictured, Videoed

Rockstar has revealed some details on the video editor that will be included in the upcoming PC edition of Grand Theft Auto 4 due out this December. There are screenshots and videos of the movie editor on the game’s website, showing how you will be able to splice together in-game movies, add ittles, transitions and music to your own GTA film.

The studio even offers some sample machinima movies set in Liberty City, showing off various activities including driving, shooting and spying on girls. You will be able to upload your own clips and view others’ movies on Rockstar’s Social Club once the game launches.

Take 2 CEO: Both GTA 4 DLC and Chinatown Wars Delayed

Not surprising anyone, Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed during a company presentation that both Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and the exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto 4 are being delayed.

Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, Zelnick noted that the GTA 4 DLC is “close to being complete. That said, it may move into the second quarter.” The company’s Q2 starts on February 1, 2009, which would place the DLC far beyond its Fall 2008 target.

Meanwhile, the DS game is also being shifted to the company’s second quarter to “fill out a better launch and marketing window,” according to Zelnick. The quarter runs till May 31, 2009.

GTA 4 DLC Clarified, UK Release Date Rumored

Following rumors that the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV may be receiving more than the two formally announced exclusive pieces of downloadable content, Rockstar set the record straight, stating that there are no plans to release any more content for either version.

The company recently delayed the game to sometime next year. This has pushed back the second content pack, which is now expected in 2009.

In related news, MCV claims that sources close to Take-Two has told them that the game will be released in the UK on April 25, though it is yet to be confirmed.

GTA 4 Delayed

Take-Two Interactive has revealed through its conference call that Grand Theft Auto IV has been delayed to 2008. Originally scheduled for release this October, the game now has no exact release date except that it is expected sometime during February and April 2008.

The guys at Kotaku have more on the issue. Apparently, company executives Strauss Zelnick and Ben Feder were there fielding questions. When asked if any specific platform was the culprit behind the delay, Zelnick responded: “I know there have been rumors in the marketplace about frame rate and some other issues. We don’t think it’s helpful or beneficial to go into exact details of what the technological issues are. We’re pushing the envelope on both the platforms.”

He also said that the decision to delay the game wasn’t something that “Rockstar took lightly;” he goes on to mention that they reviewed a build prior to this announcement and they didn’t feel that the October release date could be met.

As for the Xbox 360-exclusive episodic content, Zelnick stated that the deal with Microsoft wasn’t affected by the delay, telling analysts that “We’re not gonna send money back to Microsoft. That’s not part of the deal.”

GTA 4 Release Protested by Jack Thompson

Jack ThompsonOur favorite lunatic, Jack Thompson, had sent out a mass-email to various news outlets, stating his plans to protest the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Apparently, he will take “various means to prohibit” the sale of the game to minors, but most surprisingly, he specifically targeted Bill Gates: “Please have your lawyers [Microsoft chairman Bill Gates’, that is] contact me in order that such sales will be prevented.”

He also added: “I and others will endeavor to stop Microsoft from participating in any fashion, directly or indirectly, in such sales to minors.”

Grand Theft Auto IV is slated for release this October on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

X06 Announcements: Halo Wars, New Halo Game, PGR4, HD-DVD Player Pricing

This year’s X06 saw a couple of big announcements from Microsoft. Very big announcements. Let’s check them out:

  • Peter Jackson, who is currently associated with the upcoming Halo movie, Academy Award-winning screenwriter Fran Walsh and Microsoft Game Studios have teamed up to create two new games exclusively for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. The first series will be a collaborative with Bungie to co-create the next game in the Halo universe, while the second series will be a completely new IP. Additionally, they have also partnered up to form Wingnut Interactive, the studio which will dedicate itself to bringing these series’ to the next-gen console.
  • Besides the Wingnut Halo game, Ensemble Studios is working on Halo Wars, a new real-time strategy game based on the legendary universe. Before you cry foul, keep in mind that these guys are behind the Age of Empires franchise, which has been a solid series so far. The game is entirely exclusive to Xbox 360.

    For more information, check out the game’s website which hosts a cinematic trailer, as well as these screen grabs from the trailer.

  • Hoping to make a dent in Sony’s future, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV will receive two exclusive downloadable, “epic” episodes via Xbox Live, each with many hours of entirely new gameplay. These episodes will be available just months after the game’s release next year.

    Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will ship at the same time in October 2007.

  • In a move that is very uncharacteristic of Ubisoft, the publisher confirmed that the next Splinter Cell title after Double Agent will be a console-exclusive on Xbox 360. It will also be released on PC for those without the console.
  • Yes, BioShock is also exclusive to the console. It’s on PC as well.
  • Banjo-Kazooie is back, courtesy of Rare! Another exclusive to Xbox 360, the title will feature the much beloved characters, who, according to the press release, will thankfully retain their “sharp wit and hilarious sense of humor.”
  • Another exclusive: Marvel Universe Online. In development at Cryptic Studios, the game will also be released for Windows Vista.
  • Everyone saw this coming, but not this soon: Project Gotham Racing 4. The game was unveiled at the show, though it is not expected until late next year, or 2008.
  • id Software’s DOOM and Codemasters’ Sensible World of Soccer are now available on Xbox Live Arcade.
  • And finally, the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player will be released in North America, UK, France and Germany this November. It will retail for $200 in North America and €200/£130 in U.K., France and Germany. The player will also come with a copy of King Kong on HD-DVD and the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote.