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Shipped Gold

The following titles have been shipped since March 30:

  • True Crime: New York City (PC)
  • Keepsake (PC)
  • Championship Manager 2006 (PC)
  • NBA Ballers: Phenom (PS2 and Xbox)
  • Top Spin 2 (Xbox 360, DS and GBA)
  • Xpand Rally (PC)

And these have gone gold:

  • Tomb Raider: Legend (PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC) – April 11
  • War on Terror (PC)
  • Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday (PC)

Gone Gold

March 14 on Steam will see the release of Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, the WWII online action game from Tripwire Interactive. The title can currently be pre-ordered and pre-loaded through the service, with those who pre-order getting an instant 10% discount off the retail price.

Meanwhile, Shadow Tor Studios announced that Barrow Hill, its adventure title, has gone gold and is available for pre-order through their site.

SWAT 4 Gold Edition

On Sierra’s site is a new product page for SWA T 4: Gold Edition, revealing plans for a Gold bundle for the tactical police shooter. As expected, the Gold Edition of the game will include the original SWAT 4 along with The Stetchkov Syndicate add-on. The bundle is dated for release this Spring.

Gold Scratches

Looking for an “atmospheric point and click” adventure game? Got Game announced that Scratches has gone gold and will be released on March 1. Scoop:

Brimming with horror and suspense, this atmospheric point and click adventure game for the PC finds you cast as famed horror writer Michael Arthate just arriving at Blackwood Manor, your newly acquired Victorian home lost in the outskirts of a small English market town. Soon after your arrival, a terrible secret from the manor’s past emerges to haunt the present. Now isolated by a washed out road, you are stranded with a telephone as your only means of contact with the outside world. As the odd noises echoing throughout the walls of this mysterious mansion grow ever louder, you must set about solving your home’s long-held mystery. Examining, probing, and hunting your way through musty rooms, an overrun greenhouse, a sinister chapel, and a forbidding crypt, your investigation deepens, and you slowly become aware of one terrifying fact: you are not alone.

Featuring a careful combination of inventory-based and deductive-style puzzles, integrated with a riveting storyline, non-linear gameplay, intricately detailed graphics, voice acting by Jonathan Boakes (Creator of “Dark Fall”, “Dark Fall II”) and John Bell (Sherlock Holmes in “The Mystery of the Mummy”) and an entrancing sound track, “Scratches” immerses you in a haunting gothic atmosphere until the final shocking revelation.

The game will retail for $20 and is rated “T’ for Teen by the ESRB.