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First God of War 3 Screenshots

The very first screenshots for God of War 3 have been released, showing off Kratos, the enemies and some of the environments. Looks damn good!

The PS3-exclusive title does not have a release date now, though it is believed that it will burst into stores late this year. You can view the new “Epic Scale” trailer here.

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Cory Barlog Leaves SCEA, God of War 3 Unofficially Announced

cory-barlog.jpgIt has been revealed by a Sony representative that Cory Barlog, the dude behind God of War 2, is leaving SCEA’s Santa Monica studio. “We are grateful for his work and creative vision for the critically acclaimed God of War franchise,” he said, adding that they are confident in the remaining members of the God of War team, unofficially confirming the development of God of War 3 on the PS3.

Barlog is best known for stepping into the titan-sized shoes of David Jaffe, creator of the God of War franchise, in the sequel; he served as animation director on the first game. While Jaffe went on to form his own Sony-endorsed game studio Eat, Sleep and Play, it is currently not known what Barlog’s future plans are.

We wish you good luck Barlog, wherever you go!

God of War Trilogy?

Legendary game designer David Jaffe, known best for his work on Twisted Metal and God of War, has updated his blog with details of his work (confirming that he’s still with Sony) and a not-so-surprising bit about the God of War franchise: A GOD OF WAR TRILOGY!!!!

I CAN tell you that God of War 2 is shaping up very, very nicely. I played a bunch of levels last week and it’s really, really fun. The art and music is much better than the first game and there is some damn fine level design going on in the new game. As Cory and I have said to the press, this is the second act of a bigger story. And when you are making a game, you never really know if the game will turn out good enough to merit another one in the series. But after last week, I can say I am very confident of our chances to be able to complete the GOD OF WAR trilogy. You never know, but that’s me just putting it out there.

It’s obvious that nothing is set in stone yet, but the popularity of the original God of War and the hype surrounding the upcoming sequel will make sure that it’ll be flying off store shelves once it hits stores February 2007, thus ensuring the third (and most probably final) game in the violently-gratifying series.