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Brutal Legend Unveiled, First Look

Following up on past rumors, the next project from Double Fine Productions (headed by Psychonauts creator Tim Schafer) will be heavy-metal centric Brutal Legend featuring comedy rocker Jack Black. This comes from the latest issue of Game Informer, which carries a feature on the game.

According to the magazine’s website, the game is billed as a “surreal ode to the mythology of rock and roll, starring the talents of Jack Black and a stable of heavy metal legends.” The game is in development for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Some scans from the magazine article have popped up online. It was originally contributed to this forum thread on Double Fine’s forums, but I have mirrored them here for convenience.



Dead Space Unveiled

gioct.jpgThe October issue of Game Informer magazine features the big reveal of Dead Space, an upcoming survival horror game from EA. It is said to be similar in style to Event Horizon as well as other straight-up horror films.

According to the magazine cover, the game is being developed by a “renegade team” at the behemoth publisher and is set in the “far reaches of space”. The game will feature “forgotten alien scourge” as enemies, with the playing donning the role of “one man cutting through darkness”.

Prototype Revealed

clipboard01.jpgGamespot reports of Prototype, the next project by Radical Entertainment, the studio behind The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer, the game will follow on from its precursor, featuring free-roaming destruction as an integral part of its workings. It follows the trials and tribulations of Alex Mercer, who has acquired superhuman abilities from a science experiment gone wrong.

Radical’s unique twist on the Grand Theft Auto style of play is that as Mercer kills people, he absorbs their memories, abilities, and appearance. As a result, players gain the ability to shapeshift into any one they’ve absorbed, and they also gain knowledge and skills. Absorbing dead foes and innocent bystanders alike also augments Mercer’s biomass, making him stronger and giving him the ability to morph his body into a weapon or harden his skin in defense.

Prototype will use Radical’s proprietary fourth-generation Titanium game engine. The game takes place in Manhattan, and depending on whether players employ brute force or stealth tactics in the game, the city either acts as a labyrinthine maze or becomes a decimated warzone.

The game, as per the article, will feature online two-player co-op, letting players use tag-team moves and powers. Prototype is headed for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year.

Io Working on Kane & Lynch

game informer august 2006On Game Informer is an article on their August 2006 cover feature: it’s a new game from Io Interactive, the studio behind the venerable Hitman franchise, dubbed Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for PC and Xbox 360.

The site describes it as a third-person action game with “full co-op play option, intuitive squad tactics, and a hearty online multiplayer component.” A “few surprises” are also in store for us, apparently.

As for the rest of the magazine: there’s a feature on ESRB and politicians; a look into the next-gen Turok; previews of games like Shadowrun, Valkyrie Profile 2 and more.

First Revolution Title – Red Steel Revealed

According to this post, the April issue of Game Informer magazine features the first look at a Nintendo Revolution title – Red Steel. The post does not go into any detail, teasing us readers in to buying it, but fortunately the Endangered Gamer blog has posted camera shots of the pages showcasing the game.

From the blurry shots it can be understood that the game is not bad graphics wise, and the Revolution controller seems to be perfect for such a title.