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Android app lets you check Diablo 3 server status

If you’ve got an Android device and are playing Diablo 3, you will love this app: it provides the current status of the game’s servers. Developed by Eluamous, who has also made a similar app for World of Warcraft, the app is free, though it is supported by ads. You can check the status of servers in US, Europe and Asia without having to log on to your computer.

Dragon Age Legends shutting down, single player version to be offered

EA sent out word that it’s shutting down Dragon Age Legends next month. No reason was given for the shutdown, though it should be noted that BioWare’s Ethan Levy said the browser game didn’t meet EA’s expectations.

The publisher stated that it will offer a free downloadable version of the game without multiplayer. It was originally released as a free-to-play, social RPG to coincide with the launch of Dragon Age 2.

Microsoft offering free Xbox to college students with purchase of PC

xbox-360-4gb-kinect-bundle-1-540x477If you’re going off to college this year, then don’t forget to take advantage of Microsoft’s offer: a free 4GB Xbox 360 with purchase of select Windows 7-based computers. No specific models were announced, but you can ask your retailer before splurging on a new desktop or laptop. You’ll need to show your student ID to get the offer.

Halo LAN parties, anyone?

Tribes: Ascend scores over a million downloads, driven by “positive word of mouth”

tribes-ascend Hi-Rez Studios today announced that its free-to-play shooter Tribes: Ascend has been downloaded 1.2 million times. The studio noted positive word of mouth behind its success. It has also built a successful community around its game.

“It is truly the player support of the title that has driven the population growth,” said studio COO Todd Harris. He added that over 110,000 people have joined through the company’s referral system.

Tribes: Ascend has received three DLC updates so far. There is also a summer tournament being organized that will offer over $30,000 in cash and prizes for players.

All Uncharted 2 DLC now free

If you have missed out on Uncharted 2 DLC, then today’s a great day for you: they’re all completely free now.

This includes Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack, the Golden Gun Pack, the Sidekicks Skin Pack, Siege Expansion Pack, and the PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack.

It’s not known at the moment if EU gamers will join in on the fun as well.

Transformers “The Touch” Song Coming to Guitar Hero

Nerds rejoice! Stan Bush’s ballad “The Touch” from the 1986 animated film Transformers: The Movie will soon be available as a free download for Guitar Hero World Tour, according to a letter from the artist.

It wasn’t mentioned when the track would hit, though.

Grimm Launches Third Season on GameTap

GameTap has launched volume three of American McGee’s Grimm today with the release of The Frog King, the first episode in the new season.

As usual, the episode is free to play for 24 hours, after which a subscription is required. Here’s the deal: "In this episode of American McGee’s Grimm, a naïve young princess discovers just how messy love can get when she hooks up with an unusually charming (albeit slimy) frog. What would drive her to seek cold comfort in amphibian arms? Violent threats, or dastardly blackmail perhaps? Not quite. Grimm dives into the ooze with Frog King, keeping things greener than St. Patrick’s Day parade through a field of clover!"

On an unrelated and yet somehow related note, Serious Sam 2 has been rotated to their free-to-play area, so if you’ve missed out on the game’s awesomeness, you can do so now for free until February 19.

Battlefield Heroes Closed Beta Closed

This post on the Battlefield Heroes website carries word that testing on the shooter will end tomorrow. The developers are incorporating feedback earned during the closed beta into the final game and that they plan on reopening the beta “early next year.”

The subscription-free multiplayer shooter will be released sometime next year. It was originally marked for release this winter.

ArchLord Gains New PvP Server, Prizes Being Given Away

Codemasters Online sends word that their popular subscription-free MMORPG ArchLord has opened a new hardcore PvP server to cope with increasing demand for the game.

The server will exclusively focus on PvP combat for both new and existing players alike. To celebrate the launch of “Cyripus”, the company is running a number of in-game events to challenge players. This includes various in-game leveling contests to being the actual ArchLord. Prizes will be given away, too.

Ed Relf, Director, Marketing, Codemasters Online commented, “This is a hugely significant development for ArchLord. The new server has been brought online to cope with the massively increasing demand for the game. We are still attracting tens of thousands of new players each week and with almost ¾ million players now registered, there’s never been a better time to play this great free-to-play MMO.”

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