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New Rick Goodman Game Coming

FiringSquad points out that in addition to the recently revealed Demigod action/strategy game, Rick Goodman, founder of Stainless Steel Studios and cofounder of Ensemble, is working on a new game with a new startup developer. However, they do not offer details on the project itself.

Human Head Head Heads Out

From FiringSquad comes word that Timothy Gerritsen, CEO of Human Head Studios, has left the company. Through a phone interview, the site has learned that he had left before Thanksgiving and that his departure was ‘amicable’; he also said that his portion of the ownership of the company will be sold. The reason behind his departure can be attributed to the fact that the other owners wanted to take the company in a different direction than Gerritsen wanted. Human Head co-founder and President Paul MacArthur is now the company’s CEO.

The studio has released quite a few action titles, starting with Rune (2000), which was followed by Dead Man’s Hand (2004) and, most recently, Prey (2006). No new projects have been announced yet, though it is known that Prey 2 is in the pipeline.