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FIFA Street 3 Box Art Revealed

eu_x360_pegi_eng.jpgThe official box art for FIFA Street 3 has been revealed – it features football superstars Ronaldinho, Peter Crouch and Gennaro Gattuso all posing for the camera.

The stylized versions of these players have been used on the cover to signify the game’s distinct playing styles – Tricksters, Playmakers, Finishers and Enforcers – according to EA.

“FIFA Street 3 is about turning football icons into eye-popping characters through the game’s stylized art direction for an over-the-top arcade soccer experience,” said producer Joe Nickolls. “Ronaldinho, Crouch and Gattuso represent three of the different types of players available in our game and we were able to exaggerate their qualities to really create larger-than-life characters.”

The game is due out on PS3, Xbox 360 and DS on February 15, 2008 in Europe and in North America on February 18.

FIFA Street 3 Announced, Screenshots

EA today officially announced FIFA Street 3, the third installment in the street football series. The game will feature a new look that turns today’s global football icons into action heroes; it will also offer a simplified control system, allowing players to easily perform over-the-top trick moves. It is in development at EA Canada and is scheduled for release in Spring 2008 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Featuring over 250 of the world’s best players representing 18 of the top international teams, each player has been rendered into a stylized caricature with heroic qualities. Decked out in authentic training kits, every player boasts their own, distinctive style of play with unique abilities to match. Whether you’re after brawn, brains, silky skills or crunching tackles to complete your team, the perfect street player is out there. Choose from Tricksters, Enforcers, Playmakers and Finishers to give you different options on the ball and make your mark on the street.

Using the same engine as the critically acclaimed NBA STREET Homecourt basketball arcade game, combined with the market-leading AI from FIFA 08, FIFA Street 3 delivers animations and ball control that enables you to take complete control of your players with a responsive and intuitive control system that makes it easier than ever to pull off sensational moves. Use the simple button configuration and analog stick to seamlessly combine moves – providing you with hundreds of different ways to show off your street skills. Fill up your all-new Game Breaker to power your ultimate abilities and express yourself like never before. Maneuver your players to leap past defenders, flip off walls, or perform gravity-defying one-timers to score spectacular goals.

From the urban playgrounds of South America to the rooftops in Asia to the streets of Europe, your players perform to an eclectic selection of music seamlessly infused into the surroundings, where the game’s environments pulsate, and explode to life with every well-timed tackle, outrageous trick move or unstoppable shot on goal.

Below are the first screenshots from the game. Check them out: