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No PS3 UT3 Demo Before Release

EuroGamer carries confirmation that there will not be a PS3 demo for Unreal Tournament 3 before its release later this year. This was revealed to them by Mark Rein, who stated that while there will be a PC demo for the game, there won’t be a PS3 demo “before the game ships,” implying that a demo might be headed for the console after the game is available in stores.

He compares the situation to that of Gears of War. “What we told Microsoft last year – they wanted a demo for Gears of War and we said ‘you’ve got a choice – you can have the demo this year or the game this year’.”

Rein cites issues of testing the full game and resources as a major reason for not creating the demo.

Spore on Consoles

EuroGamer carries confirmation from Leipzig that a version of Spore is in development for consoles, though it won’t be released alongside the PC and DS versions. This comes straight from Maxis, the development studio itself, from behind a closed-doors meeting.

Spore comes from Sims creator Will Wright, seeing players evolving a single-celled organism into a complex creature and eventually creating an entire civilization. It’s expected to hit stores next Spring.

Lara Leaps to Next-gen, Third Movie

Yes, it’s no surprise that a next-gen Tomb Raider game is in the making, but official confirmation comes from an EuroGamer interview with Ian Livingstone, where the Eidos bigwig revealed that the new “Lara Croft” is so good that you’ll be literally “drooling”. Though he didn’t mention when the “drooling” might begin, he did mention that a third Tomb Raider movie may be made: a scriptwriter has been hired by Paramount, however it is “nowhere near the green-light process”, so don’t get your hopes too high… yet.

The full interview can be seen on EuroGamer’s online TV show.