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Eternal Darkness spiritual successor teased, going crowdfunding route


Way back in 2002, a Gamecube game scared the pants off of quite a few people: Eternal Darkness. Although a sequel was pitched by the developers afterwards, publishers were unwilling to pick it up. But now, thanks to crowdfunding, a spiritual successor has been announced.

A teaser trailer for Shadow of the Eternals has been posted, showing off an interesting-looking game billed as coming “from the creators of Eternal Darkness”. It’s being worked on by Precursor Games, whose official website carries nothing apart from a teaser campaign for the title.

More details are expected on Monday. According to the teaser, that’s when the crowdfunding campaign will be launched. It’s not known if it will be carried out on Kickstarter or anywhere else. It’s going to be an episodic title on PC and Wii U.

Silicon Knights: Eternal Darkness Sequel "Definitely"

Through a blog post, Dennis Dyack, Director at Silicon Knights, mentions that the studio does have sequels “in mind” for Eternal Darkness and that they’d definitely make them… after the Too Human trilogy is done. He goes over the differences, with respect to storylines, between the two games, revealing that the three Too Human titles will have ‘discovery’, ‘revenge’ and ‘enlightenment’, respectively, as themes.