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Familiar Voices Hit Myst Online

The newest episode in Myst Online: Uru Live has been launched by GameTap. Dubbed Familiar Voices, the latest addition allows players to continue the journey with all new puzzles, content and Ages as seen in recently released episodes.

In “Familiar Voices,” the newly-elected D’ni Restoration Council (DRC) releases its first Age – Jalak. Though Cate Alexander has been elected to lead the DRC, there still remains a power struggle within the Council which begins to spread throughout the cavern. Rumors of a war continue to grow, but a voice from the past returns to offer new hope.

The newly released Age of Jalak features an ancient arena that was once used for D’ni competitions, allowing players to compete and even create their own games. More information can be found on the game’s website.

Bone Director's Cut Available

Telltale let it be known that the Director’s Cut editions of the first two episodes of its Bone series are now available. Both Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race can be purchased together for $20 until January 7, with those who have already purchased the games getting upgraded to the new versions at no additional charge.

The Director’s Cuts were created in close collaboration with Jeff Smith, creator of the Bone graphic novels, and include updates to the core game engine as well as new content. New features include a new animated prologue at the beginning of Out from Boneville, providing backstory; updated voice acting and character model for female protagonist Thorn in Out of Boneville; added dialogue lines; and technical improvements, such as scalable resolutions and better game stability.

Alone in the Dark Following "Episodic" Structure

Taking a fresh approach to game design, Atari and Eden Games have announced that Alone in the Dark will follow the episodic style of gaming.

Inspired by the presentation style and structure of TV shows, the game will be split into distinct episodes in a season-style format. Departing the film-style script and structures of other games, Alone in the Dark will let players embark on 30-40 minute journeys through “episodes”, with the player getting a quick recap each time one loads a save game. Each episode, taking its cue from TV shows, will end with a cliffhanger and the recap feature will let players get in on the story; if a player wants to leave the game, a video teaser of the next episode will play to “leave them wanting more.”

Alone in the Dark is in development for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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