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Quake Wars 1.2 Patch to Add Voice Chat

The upcoming v1.2 patch for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will add quite a few new features including voice chat; it will also implement a number of other tweaks, as revealed by lead game designer Paul Wedgewood on the game’s community website.

According to the post, voice chat will come with a wide array of configuration options and support for various chatting devices. Other changes in the patch include 7.1 speaker support, improved quad-core processor performance, smarter bots, UI improvements and general stability. The patch will also modify the game’s weapon damage based on statistics and user feedback.

Though no specific release date was mentioned, it was noted that work on it has finished and that it is undergoing testing at Activision.

Steam Gains Enemy Territory

Steam has gained another huge player: Splash Damage and id Software have announced that team-based PC shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will arrive on the broadband delivery service on October 9, next Tuesday. Those outside of North America will be able to purchase the game starting October 5.

Shockingly, the digital distribution version of the game is the same price as the retail version at $49.95.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Demo, Servers

The promised Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo was released last Monday. A full listing of torrents and mirrors can be found on the game’s community website.

Meanwhile, they note that ATI users will have to download and install this hotfix in order to run the demo; the next update will integrate the hotfix. Also, the id Software website offers addresses of a couple of public demo servers where it seems to be possible to get pwned by the ones who made the game.

[id] Public Demo Server – (Campaign)
[id] Xian’s Stopwatch Happy Funhouse – (Stopwatch)

Demos and Patches

A new patch for Combat Mission: Shock Force is now up, updating the game to v1.03. The patch is available for various editions of the game, so choose carefully before applying it. Grab it from the official website, FanGaming and FileFront.

Mac gamers can update their Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, as the game’s website has put up a v1.08 patch. The update adds online play, letting players on the Macintosh take their armies online.

On the demo front, a playable preview of FIFA 08 is now available, offering the chance to play as seven teams and kick around the ball in various stadiums. It’s a 478 MB download from EA FTP, 3D Downloads, 4players.de, ActionTrip`, ComputerGames.ro, FanGaming, FileFront, FileShack and Gamer’s Hell.

A demo for Fantasy Wars is available, offering a sample of the turn-based strategy title. It’s a 355 MB download from 3D Downloads, ComputerGames.ro, FileFront and Gamer’s Hell.

Meanwhile, a post on the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars website reveals that a demo of the game is due in a couple of weeks. They mention their plans for the preview, which also mentions the intention of following the game with the release of the SDK and related materials for mod authors.

Quake Wars Beta Reset

On badman’s beta blog is word that an account reset for the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo is due today. He writes that they are looking to stress the backend infrastructure for account registration as well as check the ability to roll back statistics. Here’s the deal:

The wipe is currently scheduled for this coming Wednesday (August 22, 2007), at which point you will no longer be able to play unless you re-create your account in the manner described above. The statistics are also going to be reset that day.

The other test we’re running is currently taking place on a much smaller scale and concerns the statistics roll-back and restoration functionality. In the final game, we’ll be able to use this to combat statistics exploits, padding, and other unwanted activity. To make sure that rolling back and restoring statistics on a large scale is as seamless and robust a process as it can be, 5000 beta accounts have been randomly selected for this test and their owners have already been notified. Essentially, we’re be rolling back the statistics for those accounts by several hours, followed by returning them to their original, pre-rollback state. We’re taking great care during this process, but since this is still a beta, there is a chance that the statistics may be corrupted during the test.

Quake Wars Second Beta Coming

This lengthy post on the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars website talks about many things, among which is word of a second beta for the upcoming multiplayer shooter. They also offer details on the new Valley map as well as changes in the new beta, which is going to be released within a week or two. Here’s the scoop:

Last week I flew back to London from the E3 Business and Media Summit in Los Angeles. We demonstrated Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars on the PC and XBOX 360, so to get back and start reading so many positive previews has made everyone here feel great. I’m even more pleased about the recent announcement that ETQW has been nominated for two E3 Games Critics Awards; Best PC Game of Show and Best Multiplayer Game of Show – this should be good news if you’re in possession of a Beta key, because the build the journalists played at E3 was a preview of the Beta 2 build that we’re about to release to you! The build is in testing at Activision right now and will be initially released to the QuakeCon audience for BYOC play. We hope to have it to FilePlanet within the next week or two for a wide release to all of our public beta testers.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Delayed

Gamespy’s Enemy Territory: Quake Wars developer diary reveals that the highly anticipated multiplayer shooter has been delayed to next year.

It’s also been a challenging year, as the team here has given extraordinary effort towards completing the game this year. Unfortunately, sometimes effort isn’t all you need — sometimes you just need more time. To ensure the quality we want, we’ve decided to push the release out of 2006 to allow for extended testing, feedback and game balancing.